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  1. Black History: Born a bastard out of wedlock, drop out of school early, run the streets, rob and steal, do violence and mayhem to all around you, sell drugs, go to jail, get out, go back, get out again, go back again, and again, and again, and again until you die, never having made one meaningful contribution to society. If you're a black girl you too are born out of wedlock never knowing your father, drop out of school, get knocked up at 13 or 14, get on welfare, continue have child after child with worthless scum bag men, watch your children grow up doing the same damn thing you did… Some proud history.

  2. Someho2lw i doubt the one about mr. George Washington Carver, as I am quite certain these existed previously. But a bkack man did invent ice cream and there is tons of positive social changes and inventions by black people! And I could not agree more with mr. Freeman!

  3. I really like the voice over. Keep it up!

    PS. I would recommend to ask "If you enjoyed my video please subscribe for more awesome facts" at the end. It truly will get you more subscribers.
    PSPS: Please for the love of god change FACTS in the title to just Facts. Every-time, I see this I think it is an acronym for something and it really bothers me.

  4. The voice over was well done in this video: it kept me entertained. I also prefered the last intro song but this one sounds good & does fit the channel a bit better. Great job!

  5. You started in January (end) and already have four thousand subs! You make great videos and I suggest that you have a moving 60 second clock. Maybe you could also make a video about the saddest TV show deaths (including once upon a time) keep up the good work!

  6. Love the voice-over! Definitely do some dog facts, or horse facts! 🙂

    I've just uploaded my first Youtube video last night (my boyfriend doing my makeup tag) if anyone would be kind enough to take a look? (: