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  1. Ian Armstrong, the bible was a way of life for the true Israelites. It was the very people who enslaved us throughout the four corners of the earth that used our statues and laws against us and imposed religion throughout the earth. Look up the references that he spoke about on the video…..

  2. I understand where you're coming from and agree we have to find out about our history prior to the 1600's but what are you saying? We are suffering because God wants us only to suffer? What about those who enslaved us? What do you mean? "YOU" didn't hold up your "YOUR" end of the bargain? That's what I'm wondering about.

  3. I don't know why you have music in background? You are smart talking but now smart enough to think people with ear problems. After 5minutes i was done! Think next time or make it a new one without music. Remember we are not listening your clip because of the music

  4. Our real identity and history is such a secret to us that this documentary and and Israelite nonsense is not true either…. And the sad thing is our true history and identity is common knowledge around the world except for the United States…. Our real history is not in the bible or any other religion… Documentaries like this one is the problem the religion divides us…. White men come together to suppress us Italian German Irish whatever puts their religion and beliefs to the side to conquer us!…not the so called negro! We are not surpressed because of any religion it's because we're black period! This nonsense cuts us off from Africa and especially Egypt…. Everyone is in on the joke except us…. Everyone else is in Africa Raping the natural resources except us…In the US Africa use is depected negatively! This Israel nonsense is checkers and the rest of the world is playing chess.

  5. if your going to talk about the Israelites. make damn sure you reveal all and the truth. not all blacks are Israelites. and not all Israelites are black…I'm and Native Indian and my people came to these lands with the ten commandments. these stone have been found in Ohio and the other with Cherokee tribe..my people are the off spring of Gad…

  6. I very much enjoyed this. I also liked that you included references from your research. I believe you to be very knowledgeable, but would say 1st off that there are better and more accurately translated bibles/biblical texts than the KJV. I know, its aweful that it is the most widespread doctrine … even if it is full of errors, people seem to accept it. 2nd I would say that you didnt really refer to the Gospel accounts which are very important because that is where you will find the Mosaic Law/covenant being replaced Christianity. A new covenant with any "human" that worships the Most High God who's name is Jehovah, wholeheartedly and keep his commandments. It explains more in the the gospel about the 144000 … those are chosen ones that will serve with Christ in heaven … but Jesus said he had other sheeps not of that fold … ones who will live forever on earth. So its not that all other blacks, or "Israelites" will be wiped out. They can live or die…their choice but only by obeying God's law. There is so much more I would like to add to this, but dont want yo write a book in the comment section. Willing to share some scriptures with you via email. jlmk! Again, I really, really enjoyed this. Thanks for the history lesson.