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  1. I thought this guy was sincere.  Good lord.  I just went to his website and it's all about him making money off you.  I thought maybe there would be some information about black history or some commentary about black life in America, NO only self promotion.  This is what's wrong with the black community.  All of our so-called leaders are only lining their own pockets while selling you a fantasy.

  2. please do teach them before the race hustlers corrupt there minds Boyce tells your kids to distribute the pain but he don't tell his kids that Boyce says he was just like the sniper who shot cops when he was 25 look into it that is the biggest lie ever told oh and the evil white guy Boyce lives in there hood race hustlers alive and well so I would never let a fraud into my child's brain here is what blacks should do Boyce says but why don't you look at what his children do what Boyce does you will be amazed or mad

  3. Dr. Boyce Watkins, responding to your comments about starting ""Black Movie Theaters", I think it may be more enterprising and successful to develop an on-line presence and put your movies on you tube (for a fee) and on the internet (for a fee). Nollywood has a huge presence on-line.

    Modupe O. I appreciate the work that you are doing on behalf of Afrikan People.

  4. Great idea about the movie theater chain. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think. Ask the small theaters for example like Sunshine, Bowtie etc (located in NYC). It is a challenge for them to compete with major chains like AMC theaters mainly because of access to the film. The window of theatrical release are very small and even smaller nowadays due to people like Netflix, Amazon and other online market plateforms. The bottom line is you have to have not only money but the film has to want to be played at your theater. It's about Hollywood making their money back fast before the window close. Therefore, if you want to open up a chain of theaters by all means do so but competing with mainstream movies during their first run will be a challenge so you may want to rethink that. If you use only independent films, yes better but you better know how to market the hell out of that film to fill the seats. If you are just focusing on Black theme film – great but get ready to watch a lot of shit films before you find a gem worth paying money to. Like many small theaters you have to have clever ways to bring in revenue. One way is to host a film festival. Festivals happens once a year from 1 day to 2 weeks in length. You can rent out your entire theater to the festival. Reach out if you need help. You can do this but it is going to take a lot of money, strong branding and a marketing plan. One of the biggest and most popular theaters in NYC is Ziegfeld. I believe it's closed or will be closing very soon – why? Money! You would think why when many Hollywood premiere their films there but yup, it is closing due to money. BEAUTIFUL theater too!


  6. If you not teaching the "Bible", then you are not teaching "black history" period…….and you leaving out and cherry picking what you teach. Yisrael and those other nations in the Bible was all black, even the nations that white people descended from.

    sadly most people dont teach the Bible, nor like yahweh because they do things that Yahweh/The scriptures speak against and/or they have hidden agendas and work for the oppressor to teach us that the bible is a white man's book

    Trying to explain/teach "black history" without the "bible" is like trying to explain/teach 9/11 without telling people the towers fell……that was the main part of the story/narrative

  7. Just an idea, an the black national convention be recorded and sold? I'd buy it for sure. That way people who can't go can see it and you can recoup some of the cost of the convention. I hope you can do that.

  8. Yes your right black people should teach black Children their history. Like Elijah Muhammad once said, "your oppressor don`t treat you right so you can`t expect them to teach you right."

    And i`m so glad we finally have people like Boyce Watkins who are not just about talking, but also about doing. Engaging in rhetoric alone will not liberate black people, it only serves to leave blacks as sitting ducks for the oppressor to oppress and murder them.

  9. Since they the state are going to stop paying for public schools, this may be a time for black children to get a special education that can get them hands on experience, get our real history, be geared toward building business creating jobs, and all sides of a theory to create independent thinking. Public schools is just mostly programming or training especially some history and science courses. That goes back to presenting both sides of theory e.g. Does gravity exist?some say it does not.

  10. Brother am in L.A. I've been here since I was 21 am 55 now  The 405,  the 101 its no joke day night they are both are always crowded ask anyone who lives here LAX You cant even get out your car if your not the one flying  LAPD with shoot guns no joke ..

  11. Dr Boyce, Movie Theaters are hurting, it's so much cheaper to wait and rent from Red Box, $1.50, $1.69 a movie and play it on your High Def flat screen and audio center. It's what most people are doing, theaters are too expensive and if you are patience you can watch movies in the comfort and safety of your home.

  12. That is what I always thought to be honest instead of trying to force a school system to teach it to them. A School System that really don't want your kids in their schools anyway. Of course they're not going to teach your kids much and certainly not Black History

  13. This guy is such a fucking idiot, he always preaches, "Don't trust white people" or "No ones looking out for the black man", he s nothing more than a racist dumbass.

  14. Boyce stop acting crazy, you are a FINANCE PROFESSOR, we come here for your opinion on business! How can you tell us about your movie chain idea and NOT go into the details, please go into the details on your next video!!!!!

  15. Except for Steve Martin in The Jerk, I've never seen a black couple that has adopted a white child, that be funny to see though. Black people should start adopting white children in mass and teach them to be the family bread winners in the crakka world. The script gets flipped and blacks lawfully obtain their own white person. In this liberal left cesspool it's only a matter of time before this becomes a reality in the spirit of equality and political correctness.
    NEIGHBOR: Yo Tyrone what up?
    TYRONE: We just got back from pickin up a white boy.
    NEIGHBOR: Yep we gettin two white boys next month.
    TYRONE: Word

  16. I wish I had that million to give u. I believe in ur vision I'm so blessed to have found u I'm going to support this, ur, our vision in every way I can. Please try to stream the conference I will pay the same price as the regular conference it does not matter I'm excited and ready to be even more inspired and excited about my future and the future of black people. Love u keep up the great work.😘

  17. Hopefully, soon, Dr. Watkins can STOP Explaining to these Ninja's why he has to charge $ for the various course's, programs, speaking engaments etc… At this point its Cringeworthy listening to him inform the audience Repetivly, as if he's speaking to Children, who are having a difficult time comprehending something new! If ppl don't want to invest in themselves or their kids, then that's on them, but at this point, it's ridiculous! Ppl find a way to Pay for Whatever they WANT, Even if they Don't Really Need It or Can't Afford the item, night out, vacation etc…

  18. lmmfao how many townhall meetings can one people have? how many times are black people going to get together and have a discussion about what we need to do and express our opinions and when its all said and done nothing comes out of it but pontificating on nothing..i'll give black people one thing ya'll some talking mofos..hey boyce start your fund raising for a half a million to start your chain of theaters i'll donate to it i swear i will..for no other reason than something will be getting done and we can cut back on all this damn talking..i think black people think the internet was created so they can run their damn mouth..

  19. Atleast you're giving something back in return for exchange of currency. Not like that Moister guy on the net, that beggs people for donation to fund his way of living. He uses the european way of living and thinking. Talk down on black and other disenfranchised people, but begg for handouts! Keep up the good things you do brotha, it's appreciated.

  20. I feel like as black people we should't always be so quick to tailor our businesses towards black people. Like why does the black Zuckerberg have to create black Facebook? I get the pride but in this world of limited resources we keep trying to build businesses in the community instead of for the community. You can create black institutions with the money generated from white consumers.

  21. I wanted to speak to you about your ideal of getting off the plantation. I do want to be a business owner one day, but as the many working poor out here in the real world, business ideas are just dreams that need finance. If a white or any other race besides black has a dream of being their own boss, they go to the bank and there you go, financial backup to get their dream going. A poor black man has to hustle on the corner, cut hair the back yard, sell rib sandwiches to his neighbors…but we pay our taxes and are decent people. We catch no breaks in the majority realm, just a few of us are accepted and exploited to the rest saying Johnny made it, why can't you. Most people, even black people just want to live a simple life. They don't mind taking the white man paycheck as long as it affords him a decent existence. The struggle is not the paycheck, it's the cost of living that's driving us under. We need to start back with affordable housing, not goverment assisted section 8 crap, but real homes that people can actually afford to not only buy, but live in.

  22. Ok, so im a history major. Cleveland state. Every female white history professor i had made it a point to tell it that white people can teach us our history and they told us that other black professors had a problem with it. We couldnt say anything because college is politics. And we needed the credits. get it? Handcuffed as usual. If i EVER go back to get my masters, lets just say i wont be getting my masters.

  23. Dr. Watkins, before you start your chain of movie theaters there is something that needs to be considered: movie theaters are hurting with there current economic model. Generally speaking movie theaters split sales from movie tickets 50/50 with movie studios. This money only covers expenses (labor, electricity, etc.). Current movie theaters only make a profit when a vast amount of concessions are purchased. This is a primary reason why prices at the concession stand is exorbitant and why many movies are comic book movies or films with special effects (in order to attract a wide audience). Current theaters fight the studio to delay the release of films on platforms like Video on Demand because that option theoretically lowers the amount of bodies in theater. Less bodies means less purchases at the concession stand. So if you are going to have a chain of movie theaters Dr. Watkins a new economic model must be formulated or you may find it hard to make a profit. …………………………………Check-out my screenplay on Amazon called ROBBING HOODS by William Walsh. In ROBBING HOODS a high-end escort, a clever thief, and coldblooded killer unite to seduce, rob, and kill a ruthless drug kingpin. ROBBING HOODS is better than Pulp Fiction! If you purchase ROBBING HOODS by William Walsh on Amazon, read it and don't agree I'll give you your money back….eventually. But I seriously doubt that ROBBING HOODS will disappoint. ROBBING HOODS is FIRE!

  24. Dr Boyce I respect your work could you do a video explaining how sick racist are.I feel their behavior is not being explained to the world right see when you say screw all whites or all blacks their are women and children in that equation what do we call people whom fool with chidren?A pedophile so why you are being racist you just crossed a line into being a pedophile this is what we are dealing with with hard core racist monsters.

  25. I can say that I was blessed to have a Mother who taught us and started us to gain a sense of where we came from. And sometimes it was painful to look at our history. I love history because I was exposed to the knowledge at a very young age. I have a cousin who is a school teacher and does Social Studies in Jr. High school and she is a blessing to her students. My hats off to all teachers who still have the desire to want to teach in today's environment. Thank you again Doc 👌