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  1. I felt like you were spot on for the first 10 minutes…. until you generalized Jewish people and decided that they were ever possibly the modern view of black people. While black people have felt pain and suffering, and I am aware and disgusted. Those whos origins are from Africa are not Jewish. Why look for a culture when you have one? African Americans, You are the first people, scientists have proven that all beginnings in life stem from Africa, or subsaharan Africa. It's a shame to me that you need to bait and steal from Jewish culture when you are so rich in history yourselves. All original people were dark skinned. To say otherwise is ignorant and biased. Those who say different have done no research. I am a white woman, and even o realize the flaw in humanity.

  2. these past couple of months i have not been feeling right about "white Jesus" mainly because i was reading exodus and some versus stuck out to me anyways what he said made a lot of since but on a side not i was always taught we dont live by the old testament anymore

  3. you talk the good talk but you are  no better than the people you advice Mr Potty Mouth. I am sure your creator does not like obscene words or insulting other peoples belief or religion, perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit. You are not even pure you have the Neanderthal  cave beast DNA running in your veins like the other 100% mongoloid Negros and Latinos of America, you and your kind are essentially new hybrid of  a mankind a Tamahu the created once,(that is what the ancient Egyptians called you)  it is not the colour of a man or facial features that makes you a human it is the purity of your Blood, a little DNA from the DNA of the hairy creature disqualifies you from claiming to be human Mr mankind  , only the sub Sahara African is free from that DNA of the beast ,  you think you are better or chosen, you are of the people who  heard and  disobeyed  the creator ( not listened) and now Hear what is not heard ,with a twist of your tongues you  slander the creator, The creator  cursed you for your unbelief and profanity , who is the biggest exporter filth or the poster image of the beast when it comes to profanity? yes the American negro. you are transgressors like your beast masters. Remember according to the Bible, those who had rebelled would "meet their end in this wilderness; here they will die" (Numbers, 14: 35). You are wicked people the world is better with out you and the beast you created (Caucasian)when you first migrated out of Africa and selling you as slaves  to the beast you created(Caucasians) was the best thing the Africans tribes did. wise decision from the tribal elders. keep twerking  and promoting homosexuality, lesbianism through hip hop  and rap music , and  bestiality like your forefathers when they mated with Neanderthals. And that is the real reason the ancient EGYPTIANS enslaved your forefather and that is also the main reason the rest of Africans sold you into slavery ,that  was your sin

  4. PREACHHHHHH! These are the type of films we need to be seeing on BET and other black networks, especially during Black History Month. Our people have been in the dark too long. It's time to WAKE UP!

  5. to be set free is to first BE YE HOLY what is BEING YE HOLY it's not just saying that I believe in the LIVING CHRIST AND LOVING LORD FATHER GOD but to have standards live holy prayer fast come out of living in the world witchcraft which is anything that deals with you having your way having a Jezebel spirit women etc wait for the Lord to guide you especially you men that thirst and lust for beauty and you already have it with in your own race but you choose to act like Solomon and you don't fast and pray and you just lay with anything because of its beauty which in terms they are bewitching you etc you woman I want to be a baby's momma I want my own way you first have to be free spiritually you first have to fast and pray and come out of your sin coming out of sin and being HOLY then you will be set free physically amen thank you for the true word my brother thank you now are they going to take heed and be ye holy and carry the Covenant within Themselves AMEN AMAN GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH

  6. very enlightening…and believable… Yes, the truth does hurt. I knew about most of these things but did not tie it in the biblical sense. The world today and its chaotic essence seems to make so much more sense now! The way things are today, the inequality and biased society bent on spewing lies over has now come to light from a written meaning documented and religious stand point SMH Talking about blind and can't see. How many of us have read these same scriptures but have NEVER thought to interpret it as such…because THE TRUTH HURTS US ALL. So it is up to deal with it and take THE COVENANT to heart and re-read the scriptures…research our history and find these things out for yourselves as well. NEVER just randomly take someones word for it…do find documented true facts and scholarly historical facts…of which most of these are true. The BIBLE has been re-written many times but in essence it holds and states the same facts regardless as to how it is reworded…so take note of that.

  7. Sorry can't listen to the misinformation anymore. You are buying into some new indoctrination, fabricated history. Somewhere online there used to be a vid showing you the majestic architecture in Africa. Something is being hidden, but different then what you concluded and now claim. Just bear in mind that in the past israeli labs were found developing viruses specifically targetting black people.

  8. Read Professor Ashraf Ezzat and find that Egypt knew no slavery in biblical times, he will also inform you how Israelites were an arab tribe in the vicinity of Yemen. Black egyptians were from the Nubean people, looking indeed different then some other black tribes. Interesting are the Olmec statues found in America, more resembling some black people in America. The Caucasian white human has also been proven a false myth. So where do we all come from?

  9. Just make the vid again, do away with the whining, do not show your face and make it interesting. And just learn that prior to christianity it was women worldwide who owned all the land. Slaves in the Dark Ages came in all colours from all cultures. More were exported to the Middle East then ever to the West.

  10. Scientific research based on facial features proved that most black slaves exported to America came from the islands and not from Africa. Africa used to be a great civilisation with impressive architecture and all destroyed by some for what? Abraham Lincoln's intentions were not for the benefit of black people has likewise been proven. White people have birthed black children and black people white children, genetics in strange. Sofar i have never come upon scientific research convincing me they proved the origin of black or white people. The Out of Africa myth has been debunked, Aboriginals in Australia are not related and there used to be land connecting africa with Australia, under India. You then take white christian bible, based on the Torah, copied from babylonian scriptures adapted to jewish geneaology and find proof in there of what? And not only are there black people in Africa but there are black people all over the world, something you also seem to miss. Some with blond hair and/or blue eyes. Our human history remains one big riddle and we should all stop/end racism. Sadly there seems to be a movement out to destroy worldpopulation. Free Masons, shriners come in all colours. And in some of those killings of black young men their fathers were highranking Free Masons indicating False Flags. Jews/Hebrews claim all european peoples descend from them. Getting more ridiculous by the day. focusing us on antithesis/thesis something the Illuminati always used to destroy societies. Have a look into black Hip Hop singers indoctrinated by the Illuminati to become homosexuals and sell their souls to the devil in return for fame.

  11. Lot of double talk here; scriptural quotes and timelines out of synch, Judaism was practiced pre-Jesus' earthly mission…so follow His teachings or not since Judaism doesn't accept Him as the Messiah, people and tribes became mixed throughout history and cultures adopted Hebrew beliefs and customs, and learn more about the Igbo people http://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/anthropology-and-archaeology/people/igbo. There are quite a few things wrong with this video. Not disputing that we need to know our history. Just keep it 100% factual.

  12. It is important to know our human history. Historians claim that history as taught about the last 2000 years is entirely fake. You seem to be unaware about the genocides by Julius Caesar of the Celts up North and the elimination of the ancient druids and all of their knowledge, The killing of the snakes in Ireland meant roman catholics genocided the people living there. Then we were forced to adopt judeo-christian religion, again coming with witchhunts the Inquisition and a 80 year lasting war killing millions.

  13. why do we care about before the 1600s? if i care bout da 1600s will my light bill get paid? if i found out i was a descendant of a king am i now king of dat land? y'all liking dis shyt but gone wake up tomar n take ya ass to work.wateva go back to Africa im stayin here with Xbox Live da thotties weed harolds n porn and we all happy

  14. The Akan Symbols look like Facebook Emojis.. WTF!!! First was the GOLD, People, now Writing Style? What's next, DEEZ NUTZ!?

    Seriously though, google AKAN SYMBOLS.. FUCK YOU UP IN THE ASS TOO..

  15. Cliff Bird, you are so confused. Read the Bible, our true history book, and get the story straight. Yer Israelights are from Mesopotamia, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. When Joseph and his family went into Egypt, the multiplied and later became enslaved by the Egyptians(nubians). They became a nation, and when they were freed ,The Most High gave them the land of Israel. Until then they were called Hebrews.

  16. wrong. the bantu tribes of africa enslaved the negroids 1st. negroids came from the southern half of africa. the bantu were from central africa and called nubians in the history books. The bantu took the negroids as slaves due to how strong they were and cause they were not very intelligent. The nubians conqoured Egypt and were the pharoes in the history books. they were black. the sea ppl invaded Egypt and beat the nubians and they fled to cannan. the negroids were taken over as slaves by the sea ppl. No evidence has been found to say who the sea ppl were but most likely greeks. They were called sea ppl cause they arrived by boats from across the sea. The bantu became the hebrews of the bible not the negroids. Most of the story this guy is giving is true but has the wrong species involved. he is mixing up bantu and negroid history. It was the bantu who rounded up and sold the negroids as slaves to the europeans. the 1st white slave traders were the jews of holland. the jews themsevles were of asian decent not european or middle east. The slave trade was run soly by the jews and bantu. jews r not the ppl of the bible. they just stole the hebrew religion as a cover for their own religion which has lucifer as its god. The jews went to holland when they got kicked out of spain. At that time holland was part of spain But a jew revolt made it independant. jews then spread out all over europe but originaly came from the russian steppe area now known as kazakstan. The jews were banned from europe due to their devil worshipping and sacrifincing non jew kids to lucifer. they fled to the americas. when they were discovered there they started the revolt that became the war of independance so they could keep the slave trade going after the english banned the slave trade. Lincoln didnt ban the slave trade in the US cause most of the southern states had already banned slavery before the civil war started. the civil war was again the jews trying to keep the slave trade going but mainly to make money. more northern states had slaverey than the south when the war started as thats where most of the jews lived. the jews wanted the south as a seperate country so they could get the slave trade in the south going again. The jews now have bilions of slaves all over the world controlled from the USA and Isreal. Anyone who isnt a jew is a slave to the jews. read the talmud the jews bible. it says gentiles (which is anyone that is not a jew) is sub human put on earth by lucifer to be slaves of the jews. Goi have no rights and no souls. Goi is another jew word for slave or cattle. goi can be killed when of no further use. A goi can not own anything and has no legal rights.

  17. and I know for a definite that the israelites were born in Somalia, every last one, strings concordance 536668 says, out of thy land, not from there, here, looking over, to eat, fearing, the race, a table, ancient times, wise table, from there also. dark, prob, subj, et Al, etc flying hence, (implied ) dark table, etc, dark field, many feet, foot, sub, prob etc, not from israel, see also 236654, unisrael. I think that settles it for once all over. the israelites weren't from Israel !!! hey, erm how much is a weed were you live ?cos here it is well pricy and I'm thinking of emergrating to get better livin stardards. blupp. bigup. xxx

  18. wasn't Jacob born near India ? I red a book that said he went to the punjab to get meditation, because that's where the best vibes are, in the caves of catmandoo. I had a mare who said she saw him in a dream and he was a ginger like esau and David , but, you know not like a orange ginger but a proper read head, like a fire on a head. . Anyway I'm realy glad that all the whitys are going to he'll because at the end of the day they just are realy unhealthy, I asked one the other day if he knew where the jim was and he just looked blank, like I was a ghost. That's just lazy, man , sloppy and dirty. mind you though, his girlfriend in the car was realy fit, so maybe they're not all lazy piglets. bigup xxx

  19. and do you think I too should wear some spectoggles, cause they make you seem so much more hintellegent, like a professor. Apart from when you take them off of course, when yo eyes all go bury. But my mam swears by hers, so she puts them on at the checkout and sais that only half the people call her a brainless dingbot. But my spectaculars would be purple, because that's gods colour. xxx

  20. but anyway, when I got saved and talked to the messanger about weather my girlfriend could come to heaven too, he said that only if she didn't know abraham, because once when benganiah was worshipped on the fig hill , in the days of makfgu, on the way down from reading the shepherd book, that what he says was that anyone who can be used to work with their own toes, that one is a shepherd and can only be safed if his other members don't look at him. So is that rite. Because it would be nice if my girlfriend could come to heaven too as my dog has recently passed away and I'm not sure about my feelings now. But who do I ask, to come to heaven and bring my girlfriend ? I think you are realy wize and can help me out, as you know who's alowed in. Many tanks. xxxx

  21. Yes , you know you are so true. It's amazing how we all are so deceived. I am a English man but in my heart I've always known that I'm an isrealyite I wondered for so long why my eyes are so brown .And I think I might be a magi too as my sister told me when she was for that I was a highly gifted clairboyant, that meets a wizard. my dad Saad that his mam was a bush woman of the unlikely. And his dad was from Yorkshire, where the puddings come from. He used to shout oi hairypud make me a tee. I realy miss him. another thing you know, my great great grandfather who lived in lower ploppington, near Sheffield, he told me that Jesus was born in Scotland, and that Ben Nevin is mount zion. So, for ages I thought he was just drunk in the head, you know, making up stuf to sound hintellegent and cool and make all the scotties love him, even though they dint have a spennit what he was jibin, but anyway, when he died my other second cousin found a magic book of ancient sayings that had been hidden under his bed. And one of them said that Mary was scared of the hogipshuns and got on a boat to Scotland to hide until they thought she was dead. But then she went back to arabia and had a baby. So, it's acturaly total true that the media is Scottish. I can not deny what I've seen in my own eyes.

  22. Hey sup people my coment just got deleted by the guy directing the page because I said the truth that yall ppl were being racist to white ppl and that jesus woudnt do what yall doing but u all are acting like satans instruments and how I am really disappointed, again yall need to shut your hole cause you making us all look bad, you racist niggas, I'm sick of them bitches calling the white men evil while when we are doing worst we ain't proving to be better cause of you
    (btw dear I will post this over and over again if deleted cause yall need to hear the truth)

  23. It took 6 minutes of questions before we find out the guy is using the Bible as a historical reference. As if he thinks this is scientific inquiry.

    I hear blacks were Kangz once, yet none of you even know who your father is.

    But keep trying to convince whites that you are the real jews. LOL

    You ain't the jews and jews ain't white. Understand that and realize who it is telling you this ignorant shit.

  24. Like I said earlier, the presenter has a biased view. Any scholar would easily debunk all that he said from timeline "37:15". He fell into the same trickery the media uses to create fear -STATISTICS of percentile value.

    The African American Population is only less than 50 million while that of the Caucasian "Whites" is almost 4 times approx 200 million.

    Let's do the simple maths. Take for example the timeline graph at "37:19" It claims that 30% of the African American have High blood pressure (that is 30% of today's population of 40 million = 12 million people) and that of the Caucasian "White" (that is 23% of today's approx. population of 200 million = 46 million)

    From my calculation above, it is clearly seen that the Whites are almost 4 times that of the African Americans. A simple question to ask is
    1. who uses more government funds, Whites or African American?2. Using the USA as a whole, who has more diabetes in terms of population, the Whites or the African Americans?
    3. Who will be more on medicare or Medicaid, White or African Americans?

    This same principle would debunk every percentile value illustrated in the graphs as presented in this video.
    Now here is where it becomes profitable when the States Funds are distributed, are they distributed in terms of percentage or in terms of population? Black Man Wakeup!

  25. While his ideas appear very well organised, he has once more failed like every other to explain how the people of Canan got there. Every scholar in anthropology especially the Black scholars have been able to prove that all men originated from Africa. Canan was an extension of Africa due to Migration. Likewise, the Jews as you have claimed had no civilisation, they were shepherds. Claiming that the Jewish blacks settled in the other parts of Africa is a good line of thought. However, their population would have been minimal.

    I think we need to think beyond all these Jewish concepts as most of the laws were indigenous to other African cities before the arrival of the Jews there had been very elegant civilisations.

    Tell me what purpose were the Jews to an already civilised people? Slavery? I am Nigerian and I know my History. We all need to read Anta Diop's books.

    Also Claiming that the Ibo tribe are the only Jewish people in Nigeria is an overstatement. Likewise, they were not the only people sold in the slave trade. Badagry in Lagos Nigeria had a slave trade market called the Vlekette Slave Market. We have historical evidence that nullifies the theory of the Ibo absolutism to slavery.

    Yoruba culture teaches beyond that. It teaches that all languages were derived from the Yoruba language. Secondly, there are Semitic clues in the language while the Ibo language does not.

    This analogy by the presenter is very biased! To think that the Bible is fallible is a false notion. We all know its Origin and how it was fused together. No single character in the Bible has been found and the historical information contains numerous errors.

  26. This video is deleted everywhere. Does anyone know where else I can find this?