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Civil Rights Groups in New Jersey Say ‘Youth Prisons Are a New Form of Slavery’ and Should Be Abolished

The New Jersey Training School for Boys has been a youth incarceration center for 150 years and is the state of New Jersey’s largest prison for juveniles. Known as “Jamesburg,” the correctional facility in Monroe Township, N.J., first opened its doors on June 28, 1867, and today [...]

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‘Trophy’ Hunting Continues to Threaten Existence of African Lions

Cecil the Lion was killed by an American hunter in 2015 in Zimbabwe.(AP Photo/Sean Herbert, File)JOHANNESBURG (AP) — First there was Cecil, a Zimbabwean lion whose 2015 killing by an American hunter ignited international outrage. Now Cecil’s son Xanda has been killed in the same area, [...]

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Glenn Beck on Tomi Lahren: ‘I Would’ve Fired Her the Day I Met Her’

(Instagram/Getty Images)Glenn Beck sat down with Mediaite’s John Ziegler for an interview and when the topic of Tomi Lahren came up, he didn’t hold back. Beck says that he wanted Lahren out way before her pro-choice comments were made on The View. Unfortunately, until recently he [...]

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‘Let 1994 Go’: Younger Black People Are Not Convinced of the Racial Symbolism of Simpson’s Case

FILE–In this Oct. 3, 1995 file photo, O.J. Simpson reacts as he is found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Daily News, Myung J. Chun, Pool, File)Justin Zimmerman was [...]

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A Brief History Of European Colonization in Africa

A clip from "Uganda Rising". Full documentary below:

Producer Will Packer Says “Girls Trip” Is His Funniest Movie Yet

This weekend grab your bestie and head to a theater near you. Hit movie producer Will Packer’s “Girls Trip” opens in theaters nationwide. The movie, which is also directed by Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man), stars Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and newcomer Tiffany [...]

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