Brother Future with Moses Gunn 2 (Black History Movies)

The rest of Bro. Future till the ending. 3 parts to watch. These parts are the more touching ones.

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  1. I met Moses Gunn once. It was a long experience.
    He was a strange man.
    On plane back from LA To CT in the mid 70s, he and I stood in the back and he spoke to me about every facet of his career at the time. Im telling you this man spoke for 6 hours!
    I really didn't care about his life and career but whenever I was around a show biz success I listened. I didn't say a word for 6 hours. I nodded my head. I smiled, I sure I appeared to be very interested.
    After 6 hours of standing there hanging on his every word I only said one thing to him; that I was trying to break into show business. With that he turned his head away and wouldn't look at me again. Even when I said a few words he wouldn't look at me. Im telling you I listened to this man for 6 long hours! All I said was that and he wouldn't look at me or listen to the few words I followed up with! You know, I was in my early 20s. I didn't understand and I was hurt by his actions!
    I wrote him a letter when I got back but never heard from him.
    Either that man was a really strange guy, and I mean very odd, weird, or he was the greatest narcissist I'd ever encountered! 

  2. thx soo much for the movie!! been looking for it for ages.. my teacher showed me this at school when i was in 8th grade and she never finished showing it… do u know where i can find the whole movie??