African History: The Slave Trade Of Africans To Brazil..

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The assault on Africa: The Slave Trade: South America Brazil and its African Roots Brazilian Colony: Sugar Plantation.

Top 4 AfroAmerican Speakers

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everything looks more glam in (1080p) HD!**♡ To honor Black History Month I wanted to feature some books that feature prolific leaders, and encounters with ...

Black History Movies – Rabbit-Proof Fence

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This is a black history month movie review on: Rabbit-Proof Fence You all should get this movie I found it on Amazon for $2.99.

George W Bush Speaks At opening Of African American Museum of History FULL Speech

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George W. Bush hailed the opening of a new African-American history museum on the National Mall as an opportunity for the United States to remember the ...

Slave Burial Sites | Black History Month Facts | History of African Americans

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http://www.calvinearl.com Calvin Earl documents the little known black history month facts regarding the burial customs of the slaves in America. The history of ...

History Of Christianity Black people need to see this if you want TRUTH

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNtF1-Y-JJM Check out this channel's other content if you get a chance. This video is from there but with no commercials.

The history of black hair will amaze you

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Chime Edwards does an amazing video about the history of black women's hair. You've got to see this in order to truly understand just how deep the ...

The History of Africa: Every Year

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The history of Africa and the Middle East from the ancient era to 2016. It should be noted that this video does not cover every year before the year 600.

What Every Black Person Should Know – Dr. Umar Johnson – Brooklyn, NY 2016

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Dr Umar Johnson invades brooklyn again 2016 support Dr Umars vision and donate at https://www.gofundme.com/drumar.