Dr Boyce: I went to the new African American History Museum – here’s what I thought

The Dr Boyce Watkins Channel is an all-black news and commentary channel that features a number of African American thinkers, commentators and speakers.

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  1. We can do it 43 million blacks in American can give 1 dollar to a black financial improvement fund to uplift black folks… Oops I said to much not gonna happen

  2. Its funny Dr Boyce mention music dancing at HBCU. We visited Howard and walk into court yard and you hear load music DJ while kids going to class not a good impression although the tour was great. I can't wait to see new Museums that will open in Charleston S.C. 2018 maybe we will get real history out of all this..

  3. I was disappointed with what i saw. I did not see anything about Marcus Gravey, not a book or display. I wanted to see something that acknowledged or greatness before i.e. the art of Benin.

  4. Why and for who you did this video? Did you ever went to Africa???
    All I hear is your kinky thoughts… 12min of my lifetime is lost forever. Shame!

  5. You lost, brainwashed black people are so easily amused with anything. I don't care if he saw everything that was there to see 5 times in one day, it's a load of bullshit. Our people are still so naive to think your damn history started with slavery. Our history is the worlds history. No such thing as black history. If you're not seeking the truth from the beginning, then you're wasting your time. These are the same lost sheep who run around calling themselves African Americans and devout Christians.

  6. The black elite will never tell the truth! Not wasting my time it's crap! I'll take my children to Egypt, England, Philly n the Grand Canyon. My ancestors are the indigenous people of this planet. I refuse to teach my children that AA culture started with Slavery! Winfrey I have no respect for. No respect for any of the black elite/Boule. They don't give a crap about us! So they can take that museum and put it where the sun don't shine! Obama is a Moor what a sell out! Throughout OBAMA presidency he would talk about Kemetic! Put that in the museum with MAAT and the indigenous people of this planet. It's fake like the Holocaust museum all BS! Like the history of the world. No one can prove me wrong! I'm not here to make my oppressors comfortable n except their bullshit about my ancestors n culture that they have STOLEN. Go to any cemetery and look at a Freemason grave site all Kemetic nothing about Christianity! My parent have a cross on their tombstone. Fake Bible fake religion the peckerwood has taken our identity and some of us are awakening to the BS. I have no intention of going along with the BS. I've been lied to for over 50 years so I'm pissed when I see blacks not speaking out. Just being good uncle Toms and Hattie. Not me no way I've had it!

  7. Garvey was on the three lower levels that you missed including the Tuskegee airmen; if you had begun from the bottom you would have understood what you saw in the upper levels; I went to the pre-opening a week before the official opening as I donated some of the things on display there and I live and work abroad; I even found a photo there of my late father (not owned or donated by me) who was in the signal corps and I did donate his jumpsuit with the Tuskegee emblem!

  8. Dr. Boyce, thank you for your opinion and perspective. I will have to visit our National African American Museum for myself. My hope and vision for people of African descent, is that the experience will be educational, empowering and psychologically transforming. Americans lost their true identity, ancestral religion, culture and personal power, when we were severed from our command nation. In order to shift the consciousness and self-esteem of Africans in America, we have to re-educate and eradicate internalized hatred and racism. If we accomplish this, we will be rightfully restored to our ancient, historical and current position of greatness, family, influence, wealth and power.

  9. I have not seen the museum yet, though I plan to later this year. It sounds superficial and shallow. I have seen the native American museum and that was equally bad, super superficial and shallow. You have to remember that the two groups of people in US history who were treated the most horrific are going to have the most superficial and shallow museums because it's going to make people feel badly about what's been done to them to tell the full truth. I am not surprised that the African-American Museum is what this gentleman says it is. All I can say is that you raise your children with accurate historical knowledge on all fronts with all people. African American oppression is not unique, but they should have done it justice with this museum and it sounds like they did not. So what's new? LOL 😂