Nowadays, it is always our topmost concern to eat a balanced diet and healthy food that would supplement and completes our body. We always strive to take those that will make us physically strong, trim, and fit. That more often, we tend to neglect a[art of the body that needs nourishment, too. It is an important part of body that also needs the quality food that it deserves so that it may function well and to the fullest, too.  This is our brain. We should not only be concern about the food that we eat that eventually makes sour body healthy.

We also have to consider and give much thought on providing the food that will improve our brain function. These so-called “brain foods” will be maximizing our brain’s potentials so that we may be able to use it well. A diet that is heavy and healthy with, for instance, with the fatty acids of omega-3. These can keep and help the vessels of blood of our brain to clear of the unwanted blockages and eventually allow the nerve cells eventually to really function at its highest level

This is a good reminder for you to eat your fish at least two times a week since it is a major and important material of omega-3s, or you can also start taking a supplement.

And if it is important that we know the good food for the brain, it is also equally important to recognize and know the foods that can also diminish our brain power. For a start, some drugs and alcohol, of course, can really kill our brain’s cells directly, but other than these, there are also many that are alarmingly less obvious foods that attack our brain. Those foods that clogged the artery can eventually lead to the act of restricting the blood flow directly to the brain, and those foods called high-glycemic-index, on the other side, can cause those blood-sugar swings that can really make both our body and our mind sluggish and irritable.

The following foods are considered Good Brain Foods:

Collard greens Peas Avocados
Bananas   Chicken Potatoes
Beef, lean Eggs Romaine Lettuce
Brewer’s yeast   Flaxseed oil Salmon
Broccoli Legumes   Spinach
Brown rice   Milk   Tuna
Brussels sprouts Oatmeal Turkey
Cantaloupe Oranges Wheat Germ
Cheese   Peanut Butter Yogurt

On the other hand, the following are the Bad Ones:

Bad Brain Foods   Drinks with High sugar

Alcohol   Hydrogenated fats
Artificial food colorings   Junk Sugars
Artificial sweeteners Nicotine
Colas   Overeating
Corn syrup   White Bread

Accordingly, it is said that the best food for our brain are the complex carbohydrates. Since the molecules here are taking a long time, it will take longer for our intestines to eventually break them down into some simple sugars that our body can utilize. Hence, they can provide a steady energy source instead of a surge that is usually preceded by a plunge.

Take note that how we prepare and how we eat our food can also affect the way that our brain and body uses them. For example, when you eat sugar-loaded food after eating a meal with legumes can actually slow the sugar absorption; therefore preventing the thing called “sugar blues.”

Info is that proteins can also influence brain performance since they give out amino acids, and it is a fact that neurotransmitters are taken out of them. There are neurotransmitters that carry the needed signals from one brain cell and bringing it to another. So, the better that you take care of these messengers the surer you are of a more efficient delivery of these goods.

Then, amino acids like tyrosine and tryptophan are forerunners of neurotransmitters; these are the substances that make up neurotransmitters. You have to know that tryptophan is really an important amino acid and that it must be taken from your diet. And that tyrosine is really not a vital amino acid especially since the body can make it once there is a need for it.

One final note for all of us. Eating the right food in really helps, but it is important and try not to forget that even more when you have it out. This is why we can also give credit to fiber as the unrecognized brain food hero. So, include also a diet that is healthy with fibers.


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