Emancipation Bell Rings To Open African American Museum

President Obama helps ring a church bell that was one of many that rang out when President Lincoln freed the slaves. He did it to open the new …

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  1. JUST IGNORE "ALIEN" some will do anything for attention and if we respond were jsut giving him what he wants and needs to justify the air he breathes Bitter, cold hearted, broken soul of a parasidic man with no civility. Only the freedom to speak. AND A LOT OF BLACKS HAVE DIED IN SERVICE TO PROTECT THAT RIGHT. How bout you Alien Ever Served? nah, didnt think so.

  2. The only morons who dislike this video are your typical Obama haters who will always hate. They live miserable and hateful lives so to make themselves happy they have to hate on others who are doing better and are more successful in life. Love you President Obama you're the best!

  3. Fuck… They way these slick ass people operate is interesting.

    They are so good at lying it's in their DNA and most people simply say.

    "what you be talking bout'?"

    Corruption is viewed best from the top not the bottom and I see is starkly.

    Take care America.