As we all known, China is a country with various culture. Chinese food culture is famous all the world. And Chinese cuisine has a long history. China is also a country pay much attention to etiquette and emphasize the table manners. Chinese table manners take up an important part in the Chinese people’s daily life. They think eating is not a way to meet basic physical needs, but also the most important social experience. According to this, to grasp some rules of Chinese table manners is particularly important, whether you are a master, or just a guest, you must now some rules of table manners. Therefore, this article will tell you some Chinese table manners when eating with Chinese people? Its very important for you to be polite when eating in China.

Sitting manners

The guests are usually asked to seat at first, and then ask the elderly guests to seat. Others are sitting in turn. Enter from the left of the chair when you are ready to sit. Do not move your chopsticks fist without admission, and don’t make any noise. Do not get up and walk. If you have something to do, you should tell the hosts.

Eating manners

When begin to eat, the guests are usually asked to be the first one to pick up food. You should take a little less food each time. Eat less food if it is far away from you. Do not eat out of the sound. Do not make noise when you eat soup. Should not be bowl-ended mouth edge to drink hot soup, drink it when it’s cold.

Do not burp during a meal

Dont burp or make other sounds. If you can’t control the occurrence of those sounds, such as sneezing, bowel and other involuntary sound, you should say “sorry”, “I’m sorry”, or “forgive me” to express regret.

Dont spit bones on the floor

You should spit bones and other food scraps on the table. Get your own dish slowly by hand, and put it on the table or on the paper you pre-prepared.

Finally, after the meal, when left, you should express your gratitude to the host or invite the host to your home.

All these manners may seem trivial and interesting, but it does reflect people’s good upbringing. A good table manner not only make you look gentle, but also make other people think highly of you.

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