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  1. God Almighty,is my humble prayer that You will open the eyes of every black folk to see and knows who You are and who they are,open their understand to understand You as God,the world and life and themselves as human,strenghting them and show them the way forward in life with your kindliness,guild their steps to success and greatness in all great things and positives,heal their wounds oh God and restore them in your power of restoration of their great loses,lift them up above their expectations and imagination of the world.Father God set them high and above their enemies and oppressors,Guild,direct and lead their soul,heart,mind and path towards You and your genuine intentions for them as your people and let your will and wishes be done in their lives and let all things work for good for them in all ways and directions for greatness In Jesus's Name.

  2. I will visit it when i go to visit French American museum the English American museum the Chinese American museum the Japanese American museum and all the other country's museums. Oh well I guess i want be visiting this museum after all. Will I ?

  3. Which White President had opened White history Museum in America history. Only Black president did it . Black history Museum. ? That is RACIST. Blacks history started in Africa, he should open in Africa and made the Africa great again. America was build up by Whites. All 43 presidents were Whites. Now only One Black president wanted to show Black history. Blacks are racist than Whites. Though I am YELLOW or PINK. 🌚🌝🌞

  4. Justice Clarence Thomas marks his 25th anniversary on the Supreme Court
    this month, and befitting the man, it likely will be a low-key affair.
    But while Thomas has broken barriers his entire professional life
    without seeking the limelight, the 68-year-old
    justice is being conspicuously ignored by a powerful new showplace for
    black heritage.

  5. Where is the Caucasian heritage museum? When is white history month? What channel is WET? It's funny how you people make such a big deal about wanting being treated and viewed as equals in the eyes of white people yet you alienate yourselves by having events like this

  6. One of the most prominent blacks in American society institutions is judge Clarence Thomas, who spent 25 years on the Supreme Court. But Clarence Thomas is hardly mentioned in the new museum. The reason? he is not left. The African-American minority is subject to left radicals. A black person should be left, otherwise you're not counted no matter how important you are in the community. It is tragic that minority groups do not understand that they are in the hands of the left forces that want to keep them down, so that they can be exploited as victims and pawns in a power game to achieve political objectives that is not at all to the best for the minorities.

  7. A beautiful building with a great wealth of information pertaining to African American History and culture. I am so proud of my people and all we have accomplished and will accomplish. Don't be swayed by the comments of the few just know that our people as a whole have made great strides forward and will continue because we are a people with great destiny. So proud of this current accomplishment.

  8. "May history be kind to George Walker Bush?" No, history will not be kind. At the most it will show a ineffectual man made a foil for dark powers of the american corporate gov't. Maybe history will show a man with a good heart born into the wrong family, a family with deep connections to the great wars, the greatest inequalities of the 20th century. He was used as pawn by the most powerful global entities that ever existed. I like a museum but the timeline of history will show how on it's inauguration, blacks suffered under a police state that honed its tactics of control continually even after a true great man said "I have a dream" more than half a century earlier. PS- At the ceremony they played The Star Spangled Banner NOT Lift Every Voice and Sing. And so it goes.

  9. There are some hateful comments posted here. This is a momentous thing they have created. Don't try to make it full of hate or say unkind things about the President. It isn't appropriate here no matter what you believe about the President. It is not necessary dialogue. He will be gone shortly and most I'm seeing is nothing more than propaganda. Those of you doing it should be ashamed. If you want the country to improve it won't be through blaming people and saying despicable things whether you "believe" them to be fact. What they created here is monumental. I hope sometime I can see it. I don't know since I'm an older senior but many will be inspired by it.

  10. How dare Pamela Sue and Rowwdy Colt spew their racist filth here.

    The President is not the focus here.
    The opening of the National African American Museum is the focus.

    Besides that:

    The 1% uses the TOOLS of class, ethnicity, gender, immigrant status, religious affiliation, etc., etc., etc., to divide-and-conquer the 99%….and the overwhelming majority of the White middle class are the ones primarily responsible for this shit.

    The greatest threat to the U.S. is the 1%….and their White middle- and low-income puppets.

  11. There is the Jewish Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Museum of the Confederacy, The Museum of Arts and Sciences. All geared to the American experience. Along comes a Museum of the African American community experience and instead of being Respectful of a peoples past, you get white anger and frustration. If you haven't got respect to speak of, then stand in the doorway of the New African American Museum and tell them in person your frustrations and disappointments.