Nutrition has played a significant role in a person’s well-being. We eat so that we’ll have enough energy to face one new day. Some people eat just because it’s expected that past six they would eat their breakfast, at noon they will eat their lunch, and dinner at night. We eat so that we can function and accomplish all our required tasks. There maybe a dozen and more different reasons why people eat but you should know that there’s more to eating than making your body fit. In studies conducted, nutrition is also a key to improving ones memory. As people age, the cells in the body start to deteriorate- brain cells when regards to memory. The brain cells like any other part of the body to maintain proper functioning. Since the deterioration of the brain cells is something we can not control, so we focus on nourishing the brain cells.

Listed below are the two must eat food:

1) Fish. What’s found in fishes that helps your brain cells? The answer is simple, it’s Omega 3 oils. Omega 3 oils are found to reduce cell inflammation, the one responsible for the decline in ones memory. Three servings of fish per week will guarantee a better memory.
2) Vegetables. To be specific, dark leafy vegetables, spinach, and onion improves your memory. At least a cup of properly cooked green leafy vegetables do the job. Cooked spinach at half a cup each day gives you 2/3 of the daily folic acid requirement. Onion’s fisetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid, stimulates pathways for long term memory. Of course, we don’t only limit the vegetables to the three mentioned. Aside from the three, we have oranges, tomatoes, apples, kiwi fruit and many others that can also help improve our memory.

Limiting your caffeine intake, avoiding the use of cigarettes, and exercise can also help in reaching your goal to have one healthy and efficient memory. Caffeine is not actually bad in our body but it is toxic to the brain in great amounts. Smoking is not only bad to the body but also detrimental to the brain. Lastly, exercise allows an increase in oxygen supply to the brain and oxygen is the main source of life of the cells in the body including the brain cells.

Improve Memory Power
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