Who wouldn’t like to know and experiment with a natural brain food that could improve the memory power? That is what you will read in this article. If someone tells you that inositol has this power, you should know that it closely works with something else to offer the brain the natural food.

Once you ensure proper digestion of your food thereby providing adequate energy to your body, a major portion of offering natural brain food is complete. The balance is to provide required nutrients to properly nourish the brain which has billions of neurotransmitters.

You would have heard about lecithin. This is used in chocolate as an emulsifier to mix the fat with the water and ensure they are not separated. In the same way, the bile formed in our liver contains lecithin which helps to emulsify with fat so that they are absorbed by the small intestine. In this way, lecithin helps for providing energy and also for proper digestion.

It is not that the lecithin as such does this. The important component of lecithin known as choline is responsible for this job.

Choline is an essential nutrient. It is an organic compound. It is water soluble. Apart from the above digestion job, it has another important function.

Choline is a building block of acetylcholine. This chemical carries messages between nerve cells. It helps to transmit nerve impulses in the brain. The brain uses this chemical for controlling memory, heart rate, sweating etc.

You will be wondering why we discuss more of lecithin and choline instead of inositol. There is a reason. Now that you understand the importance of choline, you would like to ensure that they are adequately found in your body. But the issue here is that the choline is not synthesized adequately by the body. Unless we find something else to boost the production of lecithin, quantity of choline cannot be increased in our body.

Inositol is the naturally occurring nutrient which closely works with choline. Also it effectively promotes the production of lecithin in the body. That is why it is considered a natural brain food.

Choline is sold separately as a nutritional supplement. If you smell fishy odour near someone, know that he takes choline supplement more than what is required. You should know that by increasing the choline content you are not going to increase your memory power. But if it is less, definitely it affects the brain power.

Cereals, kidney beans, orange and cantaloupes are good source of inositol, a natural brain food. While it is always better to go in for natural food, the problem is with reference to the quantum of intake and consequent nutrition content.

There are natural nutrition supplements that can solve your problem. But not all of them though they claim so. It is important that they are made out of GMP compliant facilities with high quality standards. I know for sure, a fantastic natural nutrition supplement product that has inositol derived from rice bran. Since this nutrition supplement has 70+ nutrition ingredients with appropriate measures including inositol, a natural brain food you are guaranteed an optimal intake. I have been using this product for a long time and found very promising.

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