Kamiyah Mobley knew she was kidnapped at birth nearly two years ago news 1x1.trans

(Photo: Facebook)

Nearly two years before law enforcement came to tell Kamiyah Mobley that she had been kidnapped at birth, Mobley had already learned the truth for herself.

Mobley’s birth certificate and social security card were found to be fraudulent when officials checked her records at her Walterboro High School. The social security card belonged to a Virginia man who died in 1983.

“I never had any ID or a driver’s license, but other than that, everything was totally normal,” Mobley told the New York Times, admitting that she had a hard time getting a job because of her lack of credentials.

Although Mobley has been reunited with her birth family, she has continued to defend the woman she thought was her mother for so long.

“I still feel the same about her. There’s nothing different,” she said. “My feelings toward my mother will never change. I’ll probably cry more than I have in the past definitely, but it’s nothing we can stop. I’m just gonna take it and keep going.”

Mobley, who went by Alexis for 18 years, says that she is still processing the huge changes in her life.

“You can call me Alexis, call me Alexis,” she said. “If you call me Kamiyah, I’m still going to answer.”