Man who fathered over 20 children celebrates Fathers Day news Ari Nagel

(NY Post/Brian Zak)

You might sometimes feel like you have a lot of children but chances are you don’t have 23 of them out there this Father’s Day. That is exactly where CUNY math professor Ari Nagel finds himself this year.

Some of his children were conceived through traditional means and others through public sperm handoffs at places like the Atlantic Center Target in Downtown Brooklyn.

Nagel is 41 and still going strong. In just the last year he has fathered four more children with eight other women pregnant as you read this article.

Ever since his story was reported in The New York Post women from all over the world have been reaching out to him for help. These women hail from countries such as Nigeria, China, South Africa and Turkey among others.

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His summer itinerary is filled with trips to meet women who hope to become impregnated with his sperm. He’s particularly excited about a trip to Vietnam.

“This crippled woman’s story really hit home,” he said of a woman left in a wheelchair following a motorcycle accident a few years ago. “She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom.” He also gets a kick out of the fact he will be adding to his portfolio of children, “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.”

While the women pay for the cost of his flights to meet them, Nagel doesn’t charge any sort of fee for his sperm.

“It’s a lot of fun [traveling], actually. Of course, no one’s ovulating in Hawaii — it’s Toledo, Ohio, and Flint, Michigan,” he said.

“Creating a life and saving a life are my proudest moments. I donated my bone marrow twice and I never got to meet the recipients, I have no idea who it was,” he said. “[Fathering children] is a lot more fulfilling. It’s an honor to be chosen.”


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