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  1. Correction, he died in 1337(probably). His son became king in 1332, but in 1337 mansa musa sent a representative, so he couldn't have died in 1332 when is son became king. Either way, he ruled until 1332, not 37.

  2. The author of this video did not do sufficient research for this. He continually claimed that Mali had only [oral history]. That is unquestionably incorrect. It is true that oral tradition does have an important place in Mande society. However, our written history is equally as important. The written versions of the Malian historical events are known as [Tariku]. So YES, they had writing. There was no need for the man in this video's patronizing statements, that my ancestors were sophisticated, despite our (in his misguided opinion) lack of writing. This video is ridiculous, and I hope he reads this, as maybe he will do better on his next video.

  3. I like your vids. I am west Africa in the new Ghana which is named after the old Ghana from Mali. Please read about Sundiata and sumanguru and also Askia Mohammed. This people are also contributed alot to the history by changing it from a kingdom to an empire.