Michelle Obama set to make appearance on MasterChef Junior entertainment 1x1.trans

Michelle Obama (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

Michelle Obama is coming back to the public sphere on the fifth season of “MasterChef Junior” later this month.

The show, which just started its new season last week, is a cooking competition for children aged 8-13 and will have various guest appearances throughout the season as it looks to replace Chef Graham Elliot. In addition to the former First Lady, Martha Stewart and the Muppets are also expected to make appearances.

This is totally in line with what Michelle Obama did during her tenure as First Lady, in which she campaigned to get children to eat healthier and to exercise.

“We can’t lie around on the couch eating French fries and candy bars and expect our kids to eat carrots and run around the block,” Obama said in 2013 keynote address. “But too often, that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

In that vein, a cooking show for kids seems right up her alley!

Check out “MasterChef Junior” on Thursdays on FOX at 8 p.m.