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  1. The Moors, Berbers, Blackamoors, were of Color. The USA occupies the original Morocco. United States, Canada, and Mexico were considered North Africa. We Moors of the original AL Moroc have always resided in North America or should I say North Africa. The Largest Moorish Empire ran from North America to West Africa. From 700 AD to 1492 We controlled. Spain, The United States, and West Africa. The Empire was called Amexem.

  2. LOL…if moors were negroes than why do iberian people do not look like mulattos after 800 years of moorish presence there. Where are the DNA evidence among the Iberian populations ?? Instead you will find an ammount of E1b1b M81 also known as the Berber mark. North African and Eurasian in Origin. North Africans are the result of the back to Africa migration 35/40.000 (paleolithic times) years ago from the Levant and this haplogroup is a decendant from CT-M168 also know as Eurasian Adam. The great great great grandfather of every non African alive. Moor of Mauri means an inhabitant of the former roman province of Mauritania in North West Africa todays Morocco. Those inhabitants were and are BERBERS (muslims and jews and an arab/ Berber Mixture) Tariq ibn Ziyad was a berber not a sub saharan negroid African. He was the one who led the "Mauriis" to cross the strait of Gibraltar over. The negroid minority who joinend the Maurris later were recruited from Senegal and were slaves of freed slaves who were freed on condition that they would fought in the Moorish army. These slaves were castraded, this is also the reason why you wont find any negroid sub saharan traces among the Iberian populations. See the cantigas de santa maria and the book of games to see how the Mauriis really looked like. Not Negroids but mediterranean caucasoids. Al Andalus was a mediterranean run society.

  3. "italians knows about the Moors" it actually took extra effort to type that extra s… an one of those so called educated wise Moors would have been ashamed of that language… FUCKTARDS

  4. as soon as i turned on the video and saw this guy… i was just like… really?… then the rap music comes in… really? let me guess youre an israelite or something and all white people are going to hell… like just get to the point… fight the nwo… enough of this bullshit

  5. what movie is that with Red in it? Where they mention blacks law dictionary. and they also show it at 17:58. he says "I can't leave and neither can you. you belong to this land". I would like to watch the whole movie.

  6. Ok first off awesome work on resuching your background and where you come FROM see that's the key word. My family origananted in Ireland and Germany but you see I don't claim to be ether. I am an American citizen my family died for that claim to a name. I was born here I will die here I am an American. The only problem I see with this is how you push that you are not American and you are Moore that is just plain silly. Because you are all born here from a family that was brought here many moons ago just as my family was on a slave ship( hate to burst your bubble but nope blacks weren't the only people slaves I get it might hurt your ego to have admit that but well it's truth as well) but to my point we are all brothers in this country white black brown yellow blue just keep name in colors because to me that's all it is color. The way the light shines off of your body does not make who you are. But like I said the problem is when you self segregate from the rest of America. And yes I said self segregate you did it not me not your neighbor but you when you claim bullshit like black people own this land. First off ass no one and I mean no one owns anything you can not own the earth you can only live on it. But I will keep calling you and every other American brother until the day they don't claim this country then my friend you are just a guest and need to shut your mouth you can't claim or try to change anything if you don't claim to be one of us first. You will fall on deaf ears. Like I said in the beginning awesome you found out about what kind of life your family had but you did none of it you are here. So long as you think yourself to be something you are not we will always deal with the hate that you can't seem to get out of your heart. I'll pray for all of you in the hopes that together we can make a world not filled by stupid things such as hate by color. So sad.

  7. Nice video.   But you left out Laurence Fishburne as Othello and David Harewood in The Merchant of Venice.  Hollywood knows what's up even if the average person doesn't. Anyway nice job.

  8. The African Moors who conquered Spain and Portugal in 711 were responsible for bringing Europe out of her dark ages. These Moors left an indelible mark on everything they touched for 781 years. 711 – 1492.
    So powerful an image so great was the Moorish legacy that today whites want to claim them as there own, in other words making them white and stealing their history like whites are famous for.

  9. People always teach that the Portuguese started the Transatlantic Slave Trade.. If that is the case then the Moors Society was the Dutch Masters if not the Dutch Masters teachers. The Portuguese Colonized Angola and parts of the Congo and Brazil. If they were first then they would have Colonized the Best part which was South Africa instead of the Dutch Boers (Afrikaners). The order of so called Europeans that advanced their societies by invading so called Africa are as follows.Boers, Portuguese, Spainards, France then English.. US America never had a colony in Africa until they assisted in the Repatriation of so called Negros to Liberia.. I hope this was informative to those who did not know. If I am not correct, i am open to discuss and learn.