My Black News Is Outstanding Among Black News Websites

The huge interest in African American issues for the past several years have spawned Black News websites and My Black News [] stands out in the group. My Black News makes its mark among Black News websites and contributes significantly to community discussions with the extensive scope of its news categories that make it a well rounded Black Online magazine. These various categories include: Google News, My Business, My Entertainment, My Headlines, My Health, My People, My Politics and My Religion. My Black News has shown itself to be outstanding among Black News websites with its proven ability to search the internet to bring out African American news that the reader may not find or have trouble finding. The reader will find highly informative and the latest news about African Americans in government, community service, entertainment, and even in other countries other than the United States that comes under the broad category of Black News. My Black News also distinguishes itself among Black News websites with its unique stories, tech news, and entertainment.

The newly redesigned website of My Black News makes it even more visually appealing with well organized and easy to search categories and features. An interesting sample of highly readable contents of the on line edition of My Black News for December 2, 2010 clear shows how it distinguishes itself among Black News websites. The lead story in My Headlines is Ron Littlepage’s articulate blog taken from Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville is on why Rick Scott shouldn’t be Governor of Florida because he’s “wrong on regulation, prisons, and local budgets.” Another news feature that should interest readers who want to know about academic research relevant to the community is the article under My People on the Common Ground lecture series to explore race and gender taken from the Washington University Record. Common Ground refers to a joint initiative of the Department of History, the Program in African and African-American Studies and the Program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, all in Arts & Sciences, wherein five speakers will be hosted over the remainder of the academic year.

My Black News brings value to the African American community with its news stories relevant to the community that may not be featured in mainstream publications. These articles contribute to informed discussions and discourse within the community and make My Black News as an effective on-line publication among Black News websites.

My Black News readers get the latest news and follow comments through RSS. Its extensive use of blogging allows subscribers to post their own news articles, free of charge. The only requirement of My Black News is that the subscriber/contributor obeys all copyright rules and law and gives prior credit to the original authors and publishers and that the article is free from excess swearing and pornographic material. This blogging characteristic therefore makes My Black News as highly inclusive and representative of the African American community.

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My Black News is a unique Black Online Magazine that presents all the daily news covering various topics ranging from Business, Health & Fitness, Sports, Religion and more. For more information please visit

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