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  1. so basically, white man you are trying to say your kind discovered ours?.If you really want to narrate, do it with your own history. I do not need a white man to tell me about my origin. WTF VELE. Tell your own history uhlukane neyethu.

  2. lol when it comes to the history of SA everybody wants to be acknowledged in a way yet have double standards. We have a rich and diverse history we cant change it some to be proud of and some not. I think the history is interesting and beautiful. what irks me is that people whom are not even from here (them immigrants) wants to claim land on the highest level lol. you see the khoikhoi and san people are hubmble af dont get acknowledged just pushed far back in gutter. btw 'coloreds"is not a race. #beproudlySA

  3. It's not just about black & white…why should those with brown skin and the Indian always be unnoticeable? We will be restored as a 'people' again.

  4. After watching this clip of the same old rhetoric propaganda, there is but one question we must ask. How much did president Kruger weigh? At 7:40
    By the way, apartheid originated from the British pass laws in Natal in the late 1800s and why don't we ever hear the true history of SA? What a load of crap, let's go back to sleep.

  5. Big up my brother listening to a white fellow being that positive about his country,I like that, it is very scars to see.we need positive thinking man and woman like you,we do not need those who want appartheid back,they really know nothing about living in peace as human beings irrespective of race,relligion or anything.Animals do that why can"t we.asking why african in SA were unable to build civillization.Boy we were independent at that time the food we consumed was much healthier than what we are eating today we were not dying young as it is today we had peace with each orther not what we are to each other today .I blame all that to the arrival of the whites who came to our country and tried to change us from who we are.they tried to take away our culture and tradition,but they faild I still speak my mother tongoe and my kids do too.we are just anticipating the dearth of Africhance.

    We are taking back what you stole and were given by the NEW WORLD ORDER.South Africa ! WERE NONE
    We met the African Crackpots for the first time in 1871 at the Orange river when they were chased by their own kind from the Central African area.
     Start packing Black Jacks, because we are going to take South Africa back by force !
     The following areas are not contentious Swaziland. Lesoto, Zululand, Transkei and Ciskei. but… the rest belongs to the European and you better be off that ground….
    This is going to be a great 2017.
    NO MORE KILL THE BOER SONGS, GENOCIDE AND AFRICANS WHO ARE DEMANDING WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. no forced need for integration and that type of bull shit.
    Blacks started the Crap. Now you will face the consequences,and believe me,it has been a long slog since 1994.

  7. This is African history through the muddled mind and mouth of a white man. Erasure at it's best. This is nowhere near an accurate representation of South Africa's true history. Just give the land back and go tlhe!

  8. My parents always say that SA whas better before 1994 and if you look at the economy its treu ( now don't say that my parents are hatefull toward SA bc my dad fought for the SADF from 1987-1993 )

  9. everything was going well and then in 1996 everything went to shit and now south Africa is one of the poorest,most dangerous, most uneducated and most corrupt violent countries in the world. 😀 😉

  10. He pretty much phoned this one in. He's mumbling like crazy, his accent isn't helping and the YouTube subtitles are DEFINITELY not helping.

  11. This is Not South African history It's White-Washed, Bleached, and Permed History wit a Ugly WEEVE! Remake or Destroy this Video! South Africa has a Rich history long Before White Albinos and others finally figured out how to come back!!!

  12. Thank you for this informative condensed history of a perplexed past. While our history is still being unravelled this is indeed a positive way to look at it for hope and reconciliation, lest we forget 🙂

  13. The Zionists Dutch removed people from the land that they later habited, erase their names and then sold them into slavery.  Then after slavery was over the former slave merchants fabricated that enslaved people by the Dutch, English, Portuguese fabricated history that they brought them from West Africa when many of the people they took originally  came from the area today that the Dutch and English are living in Southern Africa.

  14. this is from the white persepective. this is why black people should learn to WRITE their own HISTORY and not leaving it to others!! i hate this video. South Africa did not begin with colonisers.