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  1. it wouldn't have been too long for me if you had made it an hour, i enjoyed every minute. I love how my granddaughter just pours all her lovely shiny spindly curls on the top of her head with a scrunchy and keeps it moving.

  2. No matter what they do to suppress it, our creativity stands true! Wow. Even the scarf wrapping was elaborate and beautiful! They will never break us!

  3. Unfortunately the harmful past has not left. I work in an all black school and the kids are so mean to each other about hair and skin tone. They call others "bald headed" which is a common insult among the girls, "monkey", even calling someone "black" is used to insult someone with a darker skin tone. There is constant bullying like this. The girls will then get expensive weaves, which makes their hair not unique as it all looks the same. This is sad to see and somehow kids need to be taught by their parents this is not ok. When I worked in an all white school there was none of this. I wonder how many know this is an echo from the slave past. Maybe if they did things would change. Everyone is beautiful.

  4. Well said. I will pass this video to as many people as I can. This needs needs to be addressed. We talk a lot about black issues, yet we fail to speak about current struggles of the modern black women, which is a vital piece of the black community.

  5. I am from South Africa, fair skin with natural hair. After watching this I am even more proud of being natural. Talk a bout educating…this is an awesome piece of info.Thanks.