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  1. If Black folks aren't gonna change their ways and work towards some type of economic empowerment, it really makes no sense to teach them their history. We need to become great in the present and stop riding off the past

  2. blacks are fucking retarded you have no idea what power is many of you black retards having hiv poverty and starvation I your home continent no where else is to be found how foolish the Mali empire Ethiopian empire Zulu you blacks only had three empire Europe 18 Asia 20 and Brazil in Latin America 1 dumbass idiotatic blacks your iq is the lowest at 63 whites 89- 185 Asians 100 – 200 biggest Dicks Smallest brain oh well

  3. so let me get this straight Cuz we can't have it both wayz….if our first parents were blk then this means that they are to blame for mankind's deplorable state!! for that act of disobedience….not only that but Nimrod (whom was black)was a hunter whom opposed the Divine…and those whom followed him did the same way

  4. I'm not politically incorrect but, Nimrod was black and a tyrant. the pharaoh that challenge moses was black. you go to a Africans dominated neighborhood you're more likely to be dropped. you go to a white neighborhood you'll get racial slurs.
    black on black crimes.
    all of the Africans are divided.

  5. Thus said The Merciful Black Creator of all things to My Chosen Black people, "The Bible says the fearful, or cowards, are going to be in the lake of eternal fire forever known as hell. Are you a hell bound coward because you are afraid to accept a challenge? I challenge you to try to PROVE, and to PROVE one thing I write or speak to you as the truth to be a lie, because I know you cannot PROVE one thing I write or speak to you as the truth to be a lie if you try, because I am The Black Creator of all things in the flesh, Who the Bible says is The Truth, Who cannot lie, which is why I know you cannot PROVE one thing I write or speak to you as the truth to be a lie if you try."
    "For your sake, please do not continue to be unwise, but do One-On-One Personal Bible studies with The Lord/Me, and understand what The Lord's/My will is you must be doing when the end of this satanic, wicked world SOON comes to be saved from being in hell FOREVER with satan and his many lying false prophets."
    "Your belief in Me, Who the truth PROVES is WKA/wrongly known as Jesus, will save you from being in hell FOREVER. Your unbelief in Me, Who the truth PROVES is WKA Jesus, has already damned you to be in hell FOREVER with the liars whose LIES you continued to believe and love."
    "Repentance is the only way to earn eternal life, or salvation, from The Lord/Me, because repentance causes unwise, un-Lord-fearing, satan serving, hell bound sinners, to quit being unwise, un-Lord-fearing, satan serving, hell bound sinners, and start being wise, sin free living, Lord-fearing, meek, holy, saved Doers of The Lord's/My will or word. If you do not repent, to hell is where you will soon be sent."
    "The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways really is a true phrase. These are literally the Last Days!

  6. I believe that Adam and Eve were black and the reason for that is very simple it says in the Bible that he picked up dirt from the in the Garden of Eden and constructed out of I never heard of God doing anything half-assed so he would have used is the best dirt and to my knowledge of the best thirds is Rich black soil so unless he tampered with the coloring it would only make sense that Adam was black and since Eve was created from the rib of Adam it only stands that he would be Black 2 unless got you to tamper with a covering so the fact that Adam and Eve or black make sense

  7. black means death. who we are? childern of the sun. Ah-men! we are vistiors. we left marks of the past! too learn n glow,so now we shall move forward as as advance being's
    for these titles they gave us! just too keep us in bondage.

  8. All tough it has been proven that dark skinned people once rule the entire world; which was not as it is today: but can it ever be that way again??? I say YES! Should they ever choose too remember: not that they have ever forgotten just been side tracked by a bunch of demons!!!

  9. we are seeds of JACOB and soon Esau who God hated will be wiped from our heaven and we going back home this time no more evil you will BOW to US Esau to know He love us but hate you SOON YOU WILL BE SLAVES AND IN LAKE OF FIRE THERE IS NO REPENTANCE FOR ESAU NONE!!

  10. With all this knowledge of our history in our country /this country history in this land forced on US! Malcolm X. said it best; we lost our names, our language , our culture, our history all lost and we were forced to this country and we too stuck or smart to research for ourselves a history we have become so conditioned that most of us don't care how our children grow up! We celebrate these murderous holidays ,fakeass religious beliefs and holidays spend our moneys on these set up false advertising for your business! STOP RESEARCH AND SUPPORT OUR OWN PEOPLES……..

  11. For a long time now at people have assumed that humans originated in Africa because of the many wide range of apes that come from Africa and how closely they are related to human.something else people are probably familiar with are African albinos I first became interested with this when I was called a white devil I thought where does that come from in Africa they truly believe albinos are demons I believe they were persecuted till they fled Africa if you look at Caucasian DNA they mated with Neanderthals the average white person has 4% DNA of a Neanderthal other races have two and 3%

  12. We wanna find out who we really are that desperate blacks are willing to believe they are Egyptians. We only ended up in Africa because we were hiding frm persecution. The Africans looked like us so we hid amongst them. Then they turned around and help the white man capture us. YOU BLACKS ARE FRM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH! One of the 13 tribes. THAT IS WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW! 13 tribes of Israel. We are the Real Jews!! You are Hebrew! We are lost and been punish by the white man because we were disobeying God! We MUST COME OUT OF THE WHITE MAN WAYS!!!! Their ways are what's keeping us in captivity!
    ok, I'm done ranting. Feel free to comment. Negative and positive comments are allowed. I won't be back to read them. Have a blessed day!

  13. Dude is so confuse! Quotes the Bible but connecting blacks to Isis! Which one is it buddy!? Can't serve two Gods!! Either you believe in the most High Yahweh/Jehovah/Jah (same God, differ names) or you serve pagan deities.

  14. the bloodline of Adam and eve was the bloodline Christ would come and is the same bloodline of Noah. God created the races after the great flood. he flooded the earth to destroy the giants.

  15. this is cool. but i am from Nigeria West Africa not Egypt so its cool that an African Nation accomplished this but Egypt is not the only African nation that accomplished great things

  16. okay so it was you guys who ate the apple ? man why did you have to try to pimp god tree sigh maan T_T oh well okayi give in you got me, it was Africans who took are Eden away from the world not … tell me what was wight in that time it was supposedly just 1 man 1 women ? the reality in gods eyes and my eyes brothers and sisters is we all the same blood we all made in his image gods image no one is no less special or more special then the next unless you commit crime or kill or desecrate gods temple being the body of an other man, women no mater color or race .people who do that are self center'd self righteous p.o.s.'es and i am sorry this guys on the wrong track hahaha he is almost on the right track but people one of the most adaption able species, humans evolve in to what is call'd different colors today all of us are jeans come from Africa. love thy nabore love them no mater if they have an exotic look to them be it wight tan black we all are a gift from god not just 1 all life maters <3