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  1. The black man is described as "The Beast" in the book of Revelation.   America today worships this beast and has surrendered power, prestige and recognition to negroes exclusively.   The glorification of these lowlife niggers will bring a sudden and destructive end to America — read Revelation Chapters 17 & 18 !!!

  2. The NWO wants to pit black against white because it prevents both from discovering who's really pulling the strings.
    So brothers, keep on bitching, arguing, venting your disgusting racist supremacist views. It won't cancel your debts anytime soon. THEY will gladly offer you loans to bury your dead brothers, sisters, and sons. Have a nice day.

  3. Oh yeaaah, blacks have always ruled the world, just look at these Democratic strongholds …once safe and bountiful cities like Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, St Louis and Philly…are veritable hell holes because of White liberalism and black dysfunction.

  4. No disrespect but I'm a religious man. I find it wrong that we have these topics even brought up. I would like to honestly ask every one did God want people to focus on what color he was? There is no proof of these assumptions. These don't matter. The words of the lord are what should matter. Regardless instead of people getting the words of the lord. People turned it into let's find some pointless stuff instead of wisdom. Do what you want people's but i recommend you don't waste your time on hatred and focus on positive energy.

  5. The Legacy of Professor Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr. Unsung Black History Pioneer: Professor Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr.
    Unsung Black History Pioneer: Professor Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr., was the first African American to start & develop the Computer Science Department at Aiken Technical College, and lobbied to have the racist College Administration to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday!! From 1989-2014, he managed and directed the first African-American Private School in Aiken County, South Carolina, educating hundreds of black men and women of all ages, to become productive citizens in The South. My father and I didn’t like the direction America is going in regards to many things that compromise moral values, but our biggest concern was how often the Public School System in this country keeps failing our youth. Especially when it comes to African American male students. American public schools keep lagging in quality education for all students, and it’s not going to improve unless we all work together to do something about it. For 27 years that’s exactly what my father and I have been doing, to improve the crisis with embattled & poorly managed public schools in our community. Back in 1988, my father had a vision to help all children despite discrimination, who were mistreated or neglected by the Aiken County and Augusta Public School Systems. Together my father and I opened an accredited private school, to properly educate kids who were unfairly expelled or forced to drop out of school by incompetent teachers and administrators. My father started “Aiken Academy”, and enrolled many children from all over South Carolina and Georgia! My father (an ordained minister) was eventually able to successfully educate thousands of students looking for private school education, to rectify the problems they had with public school education. Soon students came to him for help from across the country! Aiken Academy aided students in earning high school diplomas, college credits for prestigious universities, employment opportunities, and U.S. Military enlistment.

  6. Smacks lips
    So you meanz
    Robs convenience store
    To tell me
    fuks white bish

    You googles are a fucking joke. Accept what is real, try to improve yourselves, stop trying to change the real history of the world. If your lot had ruled Europe then you would still be ruling Europe now, instead of shooting each other on a daily basis and and living on state handouts.

  7. I as white Eastern European Orthodox Christian did my research on this topic long ago and all I can say is that first Jews migrated to Africa,from Israel of course,like 5000 years ago,they were not black at beginning,they were brown but they became black after some time in Africa,there is tribe in Africa with DNA of Israel so yes blacks have blood of Zion,blood of Israel in them,but only South-Eastern Africans(Zimbabwe) have that gene,not all blacks… maybe after so much mixing in USA you Afro Americans have that gene,I dont know…so yes BLACKS FROM SOUTH-EASTERN AFRICA HAVE OLDEST JEWISH GENE,NOT WHITES! Whites are NOT real Jews,white Jews are Khazars(ancient Easter European Turkic people) who accept Judaism or so called 13th tribe and these people rule this world and I fucking despise them! Black Americans should know that my Slavic people have nothing to do with enslavement or colonization of Africa or world in general,dont hate all white people,we arent all same,we Slavs are NOT your enemies! Our Jesus is NOT pale blue eyed man! Sorry for my English!

  8. I agree there was black people there and everywhere and black people are still seen as a threat to the elite because of the power you have within. However, please don't disregard and wipe out all other people from the Middle East. They have been killing us and torturing us for years and we need love and support from people who understand this in a modern world. I am Assyrian and we am indigenous to the North of Iraq, I am not black and not white and i am only what i've known my whole life. Through DNA it shows that we are an individual race. I do think as I said though that many Arab people are mixed black with other cultures like with us and with Armenians, Indians and Europeans.

  9. This is just some kind of a made up Bull shit story about Africans put together by some white shit head who has no real knowledge about anything other than story telling! HISTORY HAS BEEN ( LOST FOREVER) because liars have been the keepers of the historical accounts and THEY distorted it go make it say what they wanted future generations to believe!

  10. This video was nothing but propaganda, to fool blacks into thinking they are Hebrews….     Why not read the whole Bible, and use all the scriptures to prove who the Israelites are????    That's what I do, and any other person who wants the TRUTH would do…..      And the scriptures show the white race are Israel, and have achieved YHWH's blessings…..     But you blacks keep on evolving lol  and maybe someday your race will accomplish something…..      But until then, lets use facts and TRUTH……     How many videos are on youtube that show a verse or two, and some African paintings, and they assume they are Israel????     There must be thousands of these videos, and none of them have anything more than a few scriptures, either out of context or are no proof at all….     This whole black Hebrew thing is getting old, and is based on the fact that blacks were slaves…..      So you were slaves, but you have never been anything of greatness…..      The Israelites are a mighty people, and have accomplished world dominance, we have the seas, and the military, and the cities, and the nations, and the mercy and love of our Father……But the blacks have slavery, and have built huts, and have big golden earrings, and carry heavy objects on their heads, and are dark like the world without light, and dark like death, and it's all their great melanin that makes them Holy, And look at all the love they show……     Blacks are so great of people not a day goes by they don't kill their brethren in record numbers, and then protest that whites are evil towards them, and that black lives matter…..     But blacks don't matter to blacks, so why do you care when a white kills one????    Racism is all blacks know, and it is their racism against their own kind that destroys them…….    No other race kill their own as much as blacks, so why do you think you are a Holy people?????         400 years ago not one black person shipped here as slaves, had no knowledge of YHWH, and were made to follow the white mans YAH, and now it's your YAH, and somehow whitey stole your religion??????          This is typical black behavior, and the sad part is many of them believe the total lie, that has no scriptural proof……..Anytime a black says whitey is to blame, the blacks agree and will rally to blame whitey……    For YAH's sake I saw a Hispanic man killed a black boy, and they all claim a white man killed a black kid…..So that tells you all you need to know right there, he was light skinned enough to qualify as a cracker huh…….        If a Mexican kills a white man, do we blame blacks???      No matter what happens to blacks, it will always be a white mans fault….     Play the race card at all times, and hope the whites feel guilty….      I don't feel sorry for blacks, I feel sorry for whites, who have put up with all the whiny racist blacks…..     Every day there's some black on t.v.  making a fool of themselves, and embarrassing their race by blaming the white man, and saying white privilege, or white supremacy, or white system……If I was surrounded by so many racist whites, I would move away, and live among my brethren…     But that is so far from reality, they just lie and blame whitey, and will NEVER move away from the white man…    they claim whites are racist, and it's a rigged game for whites, but none of the blacks would ever leave this white paradise, and these whiny racist blacks know it….They think playing a victim is a way of life, and it will always work…..    When whitey has had enough of this racist shit, what do you think will happen??????We have put up with being called racist, privileged, white devils long enough…..      Some blacks are great people, but most are lazy, violent, stupid, racist, freeloading pieces of shit, and think whites fear them or something…Trust me we don't fear you, we tolerate you, and try to avoid you…..      And to be honest i would love a life without blacks in it, because there are not enough good ones to make up for all the evil ones…And this is why you are not Hebrew Israelites, us whites are the chosen people….   YHWH's people are loving, kind, merciful, peaceful when not at war, and forgive those who sin against them….Now are blacks peaceful?   Loving?   Merciful?   Or am i being HONEST and blacks are out of control lately????      Whites are way too soft on blacks, we let them cry racism, and let them have affirmative action, naacp, bet, uncf, and many more racist programs…..   What country lets their former slaves, have anything other than work????      I don't condone slavery, and have never seen one in America…So when i hear the word slavery on videos or on the fake jew news, pushing the poor blacks agenda, and how the whites are evil, I want to never see blacks again….So message to all blacks who fall for this divide and conquer bullshit, starting a war with the whites is even more stupid, than believing you are Hebrews….    A war between whites and blacks would be short, and whites just want peace, so stop falling for this hate and blame whitey shit….   And please take that sheriffs advice blacks, and help the cause and become cops, they are hiring…..

  11. the hifden truth is that blacks are hu-mans, bipeds, or the beast of the field. it starts in genisis and is all over the bible. whites are ademic man and its all over as well. Scientist's lie to keep you from killing everyone, theyve created evoloution to hide the truth.

  12. I'm confused.. Dafuqs this??. Listen Israelis and black people share the same blood and they are two that live in this world with privileged races. They get away with everything like racism when it comes to blacks and mass genocide of Palestine people by Jews. And no I'm not white. I'm brown and proud of it and I've got nothing against blacks and whites but it's obvious to see how it'll turn out. Here's one thing before all this we were all slaves, Asians, Polynesians too even whites. So there's definitely something fishy going on. As black people can be racist and not own up to it. It's to big even for me, but the real truth is out there..

  13. Did you know that there are over 30 black President in Africa. Wonder why they only show Mandela.
    That is South Africa. Not the whole Continent.
    Africa still has resources and very wealthy people.
    The media will never show you the Kings, Wueens, Presidents or the thriving prosperous areas of that are any culture.
    This is why they only teach their history and the chosen select world history

  14. I wish I was never born in america. It is the worst continent because this is the land of whoredom, deceit, destruction, violence, corruption, and so much more. I don't identify as a merican and I'm ashamed of being here. They blind us in school by teaching us about "their" history and does it benefit us? No. Why? Because the majority of us were not from Europe—(majority of teachers are European and the government and the society to be honest) even though I'm half Irish? And Chinese? Aside from that, the media teaches us to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way. And ppl follow up on that, mostly brown skinned ppl, and so they get plastic surgery, they bleach their skin, get perms to look like these sub human actors, and start dressing like stupid plastic Barbie dolls with their legs, arms and chest exposed. For what, you may ask? Attention to get complements, insulted, or even r@ped. Sorry but it's true. The media as we know it is trash and so they try to blind us from the truth by displaying "fascinating" images, and those images stay in our heads so we judge others a certain way because of the way they look. For example: Muslims, which should mean submission to the Most High. They are judged because they are covered up in a beautiful way. People start to stereotype them and a war between lies vs truth break. YOU MAY SAY I'M BRAINWASHED or whatever but that won't stop me. There is so much more I want to say but it's overwhelming me. THE Fact Is Overwhelming. But this is merica right, and peeps enjoy it for whatever the reason may be. I dont know why. (If you want to know more, let me know) ………………………………………………………….Now to my actual point. Africans, as what they R called. They were bought here by slave ships because they rebelled against the Creator, they started following idols and worshipping them, and that angered the Most High. And so he sent the White Man to get them and sell em into slavery. They were sent to the 4 corners of the world. He let others torture and terrorize them and so many other things happen to them because of their sins, and it is still happening now. So aka Africans are still in slavery and it never ended. That is another lie because if it did, they would all be back in their countries. The so called Africans that were sold into slavery was the Hebrews aka the children of Yiseral; Israel and the tribes. Which is part of Africa. The Middle East is a part of Africa. They lie and say it's part of Europe when it's not. And they don't include it when they show a map of Africa. I also don't call anyone who has brown skin, black because that term is what white ppl use to describe those who are not white and it's also a slave name, along with nigger, negros, coons, and more racist words. So I call them brown people cause of their skin, unless they are really dark……..ANYWAYS, the bible, what Christians call it is a female idol name and the actual name is the book of remembrance/scriptures. That was taken away from so called Africans. And the New Testament is a lie. They throw that in there to cause confusion and idolatry. It is full of lies. The Old Testament teaches the truth about Hebrews and if you don't believe me, read it yourself and find out. That's all I got to say. If you don't agree, I don't care because you are brainwashed and you don't know the truth, and for those that agree, reply and leave a like. Goodbye folks.

  15. Wow, This is the most insulting thing to black people. Please get a Bible and check those verses. You guys should be proud to be African and stop trying to steal other people's cultures… The Chinese could use the same logic and call themselves Israelites based on clothing and rewriting and misinterpreting verses.