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  1. Africa isn't the birth place of humanity the aren't semitic semites are a conglomerate of all races near the Mediterranean noth Africa South Europe and Middle East Asia because it was a trading area of all people's from all over the world. Africa is just a continent it doesn't mean that everyone on every square inch had really dark skin. and stop pretending that black people are oppressed still when they are given special treatment because of their skin color like affirmative action and special scholarships. no one makes choices for you you are completely in control of your own actions so if you aren't where you want to be in life it's not because of the evil white man its because of your choices. get your lazy ass up and do something to change it no one is gonna come from sky and do it for you.

  2. it is intrinsic to the neanderthal /caucasian to be jealous and envious of Afrikans. The sweeping inaccurate statements of the narrator is a good example. The bottom line is that no neanderthal knows Afrikan History within its true context. It maybe better that this isn't shared with them, right across the board. Afrikans have nothing to prove to any neanderthal race. Image someone who comes from a race that had a campaign via advertising to wash at the end of the 20th century,that can french kiss and have sexual relationships with an assortment of animals, has the audacity to present 2 tiny gold ornaments and states they are the most important artefacts in Major Afrika showing a unique civilisation.

  3. There are a few genuine white folks, that see humanity, and not the difference in shade. Unfortunatley the white race is a dying race, and they never took the opportunity to elevate themselves to higher way of thinking.  .

  4. When the only continent ascribes to the Black race is still being questioned, what more can one say? Blacks were natives world-wide. Perhaps, if the invaders refrained from using their cannons and fire, there would be no need for this discussion. The mere fact that they were invaders, says it all.

  5. Everyone always find it hard to believe that blacks have done anything or created anything yet the lazy ones who claim to have done everything have one thing in common. They have all enslaved us to do the building. It's kind of pathetic actually lol they have always needed to use us for our talents, achievements and skill to gain wealth then in the End they deny everything we have done. Every economy was built off of and maintained by our skill, talents and hard work and even til this day is maintained by us and our achievements and hard work. Til this day we do more and get paid less while whites do less and get paid more, that is their mentality now and has always been. Pathetic white supremacy lol lazy sons of bitches, we do the work while they reap the rewards, but nature has the last say in everything. The truth is while exploring to steal as they always do they saw all that we had built and decided to force us to do the same for them while trying to take credit for it themselves, that is what they have always done.

  6. Europeans took every bit of civilization art and spirituality from Africa… plagiarized everything and then sold it back to Africans in a whitewashed fashion… and many Africans support the racist propaganda like the Igbo of Ife and the Yoruba who claim their gods came from Mecca and Arabia! Wicked Turks, Persians, Greeks and romans that only contributed savagery to the history of Africa! And stole all the knowledge and said they are the original that came from Mesopotamia… when Africa has been occupied by humans since before 600,000 BCE! Africans where the ones who civilized Europe and Persia before these ice age Neanderthals came and sold us this misinformation!

  7. We always have to fight to be heard no matter what it is, what did africans do to the other races of world apart from being black the father of humanity oh God what have we left undone 😔

  8. Kingdoms with Kings and herarchical societies based on domesticated herds of cattle with monotheism in the form of islam is not what I call ancient africa.
    Rather this film covers johny come lately societies all poat domestication of animals and brought in by force.
    Maybe ,and I hope real african societies were egalitarian without the drudgery of hierachy,domestication and military might.
    The negativity of outside monotheism and societies without much freedom are well known.
    A more interesting story would be how Africa organised pre domestication of cattle and crops .
    Did Afrcans domesticate cattle ? Pretty sure the practice came from outside . Are the cattle domesticated Auroch from further north of Africa.
    I think that domesticated animals introduced from outside led to various disceases of plague like proportions.
    All humans came from Africa so societies pre domestication are the real money shot .
    We need to learn about this period…Fuck the islamic takeover.
    The man in the blue shirt was on it but didn`t get enough time on the mic!!!! typical colonialist tactics

  9. blacks lived in stone age until XIX century, while everyone else was civilized, that's a fact
    we had scyscapers and space ships when you still didn't know anything about agriculture

  10. I'm white as can be And i love Africa and it's beautiful long still be discovered history with so much wonder and freedom and knowledge. White power and black power ✊🏻✊🏿. God/s Neteru As one bless. Blessings Brothers and children.

  11. In reading the comments below, I have not read or seen so much black racism and self hatred in a very long time.
    Black leaders, in my opinion, have failed their people by keeping them slaves to welfare. I had a few black employees. One day I came to work and noticed one black woman had been crying. I asked her what was wrong. We had know one another for several years so she felt she could be honest with me. She said her daughter was being picked on at school. I said your daughter is smart and a pretty girl, why would they pick on her? She said because she was not black enough. I thought to myself, what a bunch of fucking racist assholes to pick on someone for genetics.
    As soon as one black tries to escape the poverty another black man begins to call another whitey or Uncle Tom or some other foolishness. So y'all keep your groveling shit to yourselves, and when you begin to cheer one another for their happiness and his success you may begin to move spiritually forward.

  12. Africans built this? No, can't be, some lost white tribe from the heavens must of descended, built it, and vanish into thin air, right…SMH! White narrated tales of history is laughable at best. Blacks can never be erased, history has its good and bad, but nothing like the Trans Atlantic slave trade, Holocaust, aboriginal genocide, or apartheid, if there is a God, I feel truly sorry, without being facetious.

  13. whites do not understand. They do this to blacks because they told lies. They are jealous of black people they don't have what we have. They think what black people have done is smart and are jealous that they did not think of it or did it. We have to understand our black history. Amen!

  14. The white mans history is blighted with theft and killings and slaughter of all men of colour, he has plundered and killed through out the globe. He is still doing it today and is clearly destroying the planet. It is in his nature it is his DNA the ice man inheritance.

  15. Pagan worship, that is what they used in deriding Africans.  Edo People operate freedom of Religion which preceded the European renaissance and America who epitomizes that today.  That is why I am  fighting right now so that we do not fade away like other mighty empires like ours.

  16. Over the years, Europe had such a large investment in slavery that Africa's rich history had to be denied in order to sustain power. The notion that black people were inherently inferior (or rather 'non-human') was such a strong pillar in justifying transatlantic slavery that Africa's history has never been, and probably never will be, accurately and honestly revealed.

    Ever wondered why so many granite statues in Ancient Egypt have the noses missing?

    Or noticed how the ancient Egyptians were rarely, if ever, acknowledged by early Egyptologists to be black?

    This is not coming from a crazed afrocentric person but rather a white European who simply appreciates global history.