Thief plans to sue good Samaritan who beat him during robbery (VIDEO) news 1x1.trans

A man who has been accused of armed robbery is planning on suing the good Samaritan who stopped him.

The alleged robber’s mother, Pamela Chimienti, says her son wants to file a lawsuit against 58-year-old Cregg Jerri for excessive force.

Police in Fresno, California say that Ryan Florez held up a Starbucks in July. He was wearing a mask and had a gun and a knife. At some point in the robbery, Jerri came up behind Florez and hit him with a chair.

— Trio allegedly searched through obituaries to rob mourners at funerals — 

Surveillance video shows a struggle between the two men. Jerri gets a hold of the knife and stabs Florez before the assailant was able to get away and run out the door. Police say they arrested Florez minutes later and determined his gun was fake.

Jerri was also wounded in the altercation. He sustained a stab wound to the neck. In all, Florez sustained 17 “stab wounds, lacerations, and defensive wounds.” His mother does not defend what he did, but says that Jerri went too far.

“This guy, in my opinion, went from a good Samaritan to a vigilante,” she said, arguing that Jerri didn’t need to stab her son so many times in order to subdue him.

The Fresno Police Chief Jerry P. Dyer said the idea of the lawsuit is “ludicrous.”

Florez is currently in jail facing charges of attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.