June 2017

Historical Marker Honoring Emmett Till Defaced in Mississippi

This civil rights historical marker in Money, Miss., was defaced by vandals. (Allan Hammons via AP)JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A civil rights historical marker in Mississippi has been vandalized. The marker remembers Black teenager Emmett [...]

Swizz Beatz Accuses European Fashion Brand Balenciaga of Ripping Off Ruff Ryders Logo

Swizz Beatz didn’t stay quiet about Balenciaga’s new menswear line. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Sundance Channel)Add Balenciaga to the growing list of fashion labels accused of stealing from Black creators and, this time, Swizz Beatz is [...]

If Serena played men she wouldn’t be world’s greatest, says tennis star

John McEnroe has a new memoir out called But Seriously, and in an interview promoting the book, he wound up speaking about Serena Williams. The tennis great apparently didn’t think that Williams had what it took to be [...]

Why do Hollywood continue to make black history movies like SELMA?

Louisiana Becomes First State to Ban Criminal-History Question on College Applications

Gov. John Edwards recently signed House Bill 688 into law making Louisiana the first state in the nation to ban criminal-history questions on college applications. (Twitter/Courtesy of VOTE)Louisiana has become the first state to ban [...]

#BlackoutTheBook on SiriusXM

Blackout: My Forty Years In The Music Business, is a chronicle of my successes and failures, my dreams and disappointments in the music business. Here’s [...]