Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson had to confirm with the public that his new wife was, in fact, part black which is why he referred to her as his #BlackQueen. This came after many questioned whether she was black at all.

Gibson cleared up the confusion by sharing the TMZ report that noted her ethnicity was Ecuadorian, Jamaican and African-American.

“TMZ actually got it right! This time!” He said.

The Fast and Furious actor didn’t share his Valentine’s Day wedding news until Tuesday, February 28 on Instagram. In his post, he shared photos of him and his new wife Samantha Lee both at their ceremony and having a romantic walk along the beach at sunset.

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Gibson has since deleted many of his posts referring to his wedding and his “black queen.” But before he did, he shared that, ”We’re humbled by the outpouring of love! We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes,” before going on, “Sometimes, when you pray you get exactly what your heart desires. I got #MyBlackQueen I didn’t just marry her I married my daughter’s new example. ‘We are all flawed, sinners and have made mistakes but I hope you decide to keep loving, keep the faith and God will to send you what’s yours…. #Amen.’”

It didn’t take long for fans to start questioning Lee’s looks.

They really got into it too, digging into her ethnicity with fervor. They found out that her given name is Samantha Schwalenberg according to LinkedIn. Then they found out that she had participated in the Mr. and Mrs. Latin UGA pageant in 2011.

According to Straight From The A, her mother is Latina and her father is white.

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