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  1. Bitch stfu! Most black people don't even know their own history ain't noons trying to hide shit! Noons alive was ever a slave so stfu cause noons alive was ever a slave owner you dumb fucks! And BTW your own race sold your bitch asses cause your ancestors were rapist's and killers so stfu! Its a fact whites were the first slaves but we raised up so stfu you fucking lazy ass shit talking niggers noons gives a fuck what you say anymore! # kill all niggers like y'all said kill all whites in Fergason and yes York so fuck you and die pussy bitches. You will lose this race war just bring it and let's get this done with!

  2. Stupid ass. They've done nothing. Only ,Hate,Accuse,Blaim,mob,Riot ,Gang rape,Corupt,Silencing and Spread disease. Tell me How there a blessing upon all the nations of the world ? .

  3. Both China and India have had a complex societies for 5000 years. To claim that India became something only after the British left is absurd. Both of these societies are heavily based on a cast system which has been and still the real reason why these countries have been stuck in in a 3rd world state. In fact you can argue that thanks to Western involvement these nations have broken most if not all of these societies backward customs.
    Though both are enslave by as is Africa and the West Europe ans the Americas under the Jewish adversarial court system and bank system based on usury. Just in case you didn't know communism was financed by the Wall Street capitalists bankers a fellow named Jacob Shiff. So, they still own and run Russia and China thru the banking sector.
    So now it's the common White man who's the devil? Learn how money works and you'll find your true nemesis.

  4. What do you call 1000 Black people loving in together with or without a government check ?
    A ghetto. The notion that the sub Sahara Africans designed and builted the pyramids is ridiculous. They were definitely used a simple laborers. Now saying that doesn't mean that they dont have thier own talents. But insinuate that the reason Black's are doing so bad strickly because Whitey is racists is not only a lie but not a correct approach to reality. The smart man has always lived off the dumb man since the first two groups of cave men have existed. Besides why have the Indians, Chinese have something to show after 5000 years of civilization and the real Africans are still sucking spears living in the bush. Truth hurts.

  5. You are a wise young man. Keep on speaking the truth, which indeed what you are talking is the truth, and inform this ignorant world, which at the same time claims to be wise!!

  6. The history taught to the young is simply a bedtime story, to lull the sheeple to sleep, to encourage them with fairytales ( and they lived happily ever after…don't look no further! "The End") from truly making a real effort to learning truth. Then add systems of racist empowerment toward one group over another, sprinkle a buffer of continuous immigration to widen the perception of one being better than another due to continual stacking of the proverbial deck. And, we got self grandiose cheerleaders that believe tht the world is always been great for them, all thing are created from them, even Jesus is ignored as being a person of color, so they hang a white idol up…then kneel down to. Never could he be seen as a man of color…whom they were indoctrinated to see as inferior. The sheeple has been lead astray, to far to return, but, they aren't who they are told they are. They where mingled amongst man, they are mankind…not "man". They do not even know where there home is, they have no history beyond about 6,000 yrs, they have, murdered, kidnapped, taken lands, created fake laws and applied that which was not understood by a ppl of those lands forced rule over them, assumed identities of people, massacred, raped, burned, beaten, sold, enslaved, and hidden truths, and are in conspiracy with another ppl to steal Egypt and all it's works as theirs ( salt on the would). Go on through time planted his weeds amongst the wheat of Gods malinated ppl on the globe, disregarded, disrespected, all their cultures, spiritual freedoms. Basing all things on your self serving systems, created more laws to ensnare, after you already laid down the trap with government agencies ( documented and proven true ) engineering drugs availability not only to the so called colored, but to your own poor white trash as well. – gotta break a few eggs to make a omelette, huh?! – then there's laws tht apply to some, not all…as in justice 4 all. Jus us, huh? Oh yeah the jewel of it all: King James Version
    Then you can't fathom the physical, mental, emotional, and most destructive of all these… the spiritual damage you put on a ppl of GOD.

    The universal GOD sees and knows all, oh no he ain't your santa clause, & you won't be getting no toys girls and boys.
    Santa's gotta "brand new bag"

  7. HA HA HA insecure gr01ds & their mental fragility need to believe in some fantasy to soothe their inferiority complex. All we need to do is look at the world to see they can barely create 3rd world cesspools. What happened did whitey steal your intelligence too??
    I don't see any body on rafts killin themselves to go to the dark continent. I can't figure out who's worse the white marxist maggot apologist enablers or their primitive pathetic petulant perpetual victim pets.

  8. Your not white GET OVER IT ! Blacks have creted what ???????????????? you are a jealous racist ? king tut has white DNA ! DEAL WITH IT ! EDUCATION IS WASTED ON THIRD WORLD PEOPLE ! Africans are what they are down to HAVING low IQ ! FACT !

  9. There has never been a single human being that sat down and just got up out of know where and decided to build something great, every tribe/civilization that was recorded was influenced by another in some way shape or form, there were many tribes/civilizations that rose and fell throughout history from every skin color, notice each century that pass we become a little more evolved as "humans". The problem with Africa today is that white people fucked things up. Yes there were Africans that were sold but what happened was, white people fucked things up, as we progressed as humans during the slave trade, white people kept coming for more and more and did everything possible to get the resources they needed. Black people were never the beneficiaries of the wealth that came through slavery in any way shape of form, instead of trade, technology and economical systems being shared between each other, white people just continued to tear black people down, it was in their interest. at that time. There are possibly countless influences of black people throughout history that sprung great inventions, however instead of the continuation of trade etc… white folks fucked everything up for their own benefit, it was never in our interest to enslave an entire race just to could reap the rewards. Whites fucked it up, the reason there are so many remaining tribes in Africa is because 1. life began their and 2. white folks never turned back to help blacks to prosper during the so called renaissance era , they just came back for more and more, free labor was like a drug, the state of black people today is fucked up because of the effects of slavery, there is nothing wrong with the black intellect, it is too early in history to claim blacks aren't good at anything, the state of black people is simply too fucked up at this point in history, so as it was many time in history for whites as well, as we approached modern times we contributed a lot but how much do you expect when we were in captive through the great progressions. The very formula that enabled the computer to perform millions of calculations per second that you all use today was done by a black man, black people just did not get the chance to do enough, its as simple as that. White people just seem ever to often to fall on their ego.

  10. I'm white and what most people don't know is we white people hate the truth,
    it hurts to accept the fact I know that feeling myself but fact remain the fact.
    Black people are really idealistically smart, very strong not just physically but they are very strong minded people
    it's sad how all we do is feed them with lies, bring them down, steal most of their ideas, use them and send the great ones to prison etc.
    Now one fact this guy did not hit on is we white people are the children of the fallen angels(Alien race)
    we are demonic and full of hatred towards coloured race but black people don't have that hatred towards us,
    They are loving, kind creature, always happy, they can't hide how much love they have for others,
    all the love you need to make your day better they have, but you might not be lucky enough to have good black friends these days, why?
    Because you send them to jail and they become wildly different, a lot of us see and still don't know what's going on, because you're being lied to, that's what the white government want they are the biggest devil (Guccifer), I'm white and I can't let my government manipulate me anymore,
    The government will trying to control your mind, black people get killed everyday by the Government, and in the end all they do is nothing and still send them to jail for cheap labour (slavery). And you wonder why they get out of prison acting strangely? because they see it all and they can't take it anymore.
    You ever wonder why we do this things, "it's in the gene" we crave power, we like to rule and make them believe in what's not real.
    My advice to black folks out there "stand up and believe in yourself" don't believe in government they are devil and the police are their agent

  11. Jewish lies! Negroids aren't civilized people, look at how you animals act in this modern time. You're animals, and you do not belong in Aryan lands! You are only servants of the Jew, and none of you were ever KANGZ n sheit.

  12. Perfect you are more than allowed to have your opinion, that black and arabs are a better, superior race and had a superior culture. But by those same standards you should also go ahead and fuck off to your respective countries of origin in Africa and the middle east and make those countries as great seeing as you see the west as inferior.

  13. This dude is fucking retarded, seems like he's a friendless bastard and a few affrocentic niggers took him under their wing and taught him like a parrot to repeat what they say. Poor dude don't even know what he's doing on here. Why would he volunteer to make this video, he seems retarded to mu and was a good candidate for niggers to spread their horse shit

  14. fucking dumb asses!!hes talking about muslims n egyptians straight the fuck up!if you dont understand your n idiot just like every black man in the comments claiming the video for their own.ha ha aah

  15. An inarticulate moron mumbling in a park. When whites discovered Africa, the wheel had not been invented, there was no written language and no two storey buildings. The average IQ in sub Saharan Africa is 70. The two things are linked.

  16. As Malcolm X once said "thr truth only offends the guilty". Question for the White Supremacist troll in the comments section who trash what this guy said how many of you have Black "friends" and "sexual partners"?

  17. some folks are getting mad over here. how can you say you civilized the people that taught you to bathe? how are you gonna tell me your people built ancient egypt when they had to be taught something as basic as washing themselves

  18. Please take some time to read your bible. Slavery, race, cultural differences have been clearly documented and this is not a new or modern idea. Ancient writings of Egypt the Pharaoh's bragged of the peoples they had conquered and enslaved. So the sad state of racism and tribalism is not new. Egypt ruled the world then, along came Rome… And for the most part we are still enslaved by Rome today. This racism narrative is used by those who rule this world to continue our state of slavery regardless of skin color.

    The question now is are we willing to continue to accept this hate regardless of who is oppressing who? So regardless of the slavery of Egypt or Rome the result is the same and the color of ones skin is just one of the wedges used today to keep everyone under their control.

  19. Black Africans did a few good things many Eons ago, but just go to Detroit or Chicago's south side Anthony, to see where that "Valued" civilization has become! Are you afraid to take a balanced view Anthony? I wish it were different, but the sorry state of Black people all over the world today has decayed into a sad state of affairs! You would think that some of that civilized culture would have withstood the ravages of time! What do you think of the African American lives of today Anthony, even though some have overcome the dreaded past of their recent history?

  20. The first founders of Planet Earth and all of its landmasses were the Diverse NEGROID Tribes of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Caucasian Tribes of the Edom-Esau after the Flood were MADE BY THE CREATOR of all living Souls, Spirits, Flesh Life and Mankind, much later or allowed to EXIST. The Caucasian Tribes and their Mulatto Mixed Mutt Seeds came into being thousands of years later, cut, copying and pasting to this day.

  21. So they feel they have to prove to the opposite race their more worthy by claiming the streets their own. Isn't reality about equality and respect. Because half the majority of the blacks attitude lacks in that. Period.

  22. Negro and Africans aren't the same people
    Negro history is real history ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒ
    white history is just that HIS-STORY ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ข
    The gig been up the internet and if you really research the truth is out there it exposes y'all for all your transgressions then up until now… it's exactly Y this wicked country will ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ ….
    Remember this ๐ŸŒŽ is filled with black and brown people more than white people who are the real minority of the earth…….