White workers at The Breakfast Club radio show claim reverse racism, file suit news 1x1.trans

According to a new lawsuit, a television broadcasting group is claiming that Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” discriminates against white people.

Todd Baker, Douglas Goodstein, Richard Wilson, Michael Schiff and Jason Preziosi, the four men who produced television broadcasts of the show, allege that they were fired after being told that they did not understand “the culture.” According to the suit, the content of the broadcasts was completely irrelevant to their ability to broadcast the show, and they claim that the real reason they were fired was discrimination from executives at Revolt TV.

According to the suit, Val Boreland, Revolt’s executive vice president, “was always rude, condescending and dismissive” toward Goodstein and his team.

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“Revolt tolerated a particularly high level of unprofessional behavior by the Breakfast Club’s African-American staff. Specifically, such African-American employees arrived to work intoxicated or hungover,” the suit continues.

Additionally, the suit claims that Goodstein’s team and Revolt clashed over how to handle latecoming guests to the show.

“Whereas the show’s on-air personalities tolerated lateness, the Goodstein production team was used to producing shows where such a lack of punctuality was either less tolerated or not permitted whatsoever,” the suit says.

Goodstein’s team was fired in 2014, and the suit claims, “The true reason that Revolt terminated the Goodstein production team was because they were Caucasian and much older than their replacements.”

The team is seeking damages to be specified at trial.