June 24, 2024

California woman calls Black man the N-word, accuses him of stealing in viral video

Screenshot via Instagram

In California, a man found himself the victim of a racist attack as a White woman calls him the N-word and accuses him of committing crimes.

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The video, uploaded by Instagram user @carteruno, gained viral attention. Mr. Carter, as he’s represented on the social platform, posted the 10-minute broadcast on Aug. 4. “San Bernardino Senior Racist Karen,” he names his harasser in the caption.

Currently, the alarming clip has over 30,000 views and thousands of comments, many commending Carter’s actions and response.

The video begins with the unnamed woman approaching the man questioning his presence. According to his video, he entered the senior living community to pick-up his two children, a toddler and infant.

“What were you doing getting a piece of ass?” she inquires. The 34-year-old man responds “what?” and the incident ensues.

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As she continues to question the legality of his parking, he apologizes for entering a tenant’s spot, describing his short-stay in the lot, despite her accusatory tone. The woman explained, however, that his vehicle sat long enough for her to visit the office and file a complaint, calling for the car to be ticketed.

The man accused her of calling him the n-word to which she does not deny.

(Photo: Instagram)

“So? I’ve got a constitutional right to free speech,” she exclaims in the video. She continues, “I’m an American and proud of it. I don’t have to leave America to go to Africa — like you guys have to leave Africa to come to America.”

The man responds, “you all took us from Africa and brought us over here,” continuing, “this is not your country either, you have no culture.”

Police, requested by the woman eventually arrived on the scene. She used her vehicle to block the man in and refused to move until their arrival. Carter detailed the various threats received from the woman. The police officer, a Black man, appears confused by the hostile encounter.

“Noooo,” the cop remarks after learning she used the n-word multiple times.

“It’s crazy how this lady just really went off on me and my boys, though,” Carter remarked. He continued to warn his viewers “ya’ll be careful out here, racism is real.

The San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Department in a statement released to Insider condemned the woman’s actions.

“The Sheriff’s Department does not condone the use of any type of racial slurs. We commend the gentleman in this video for his demeanor and levelheadedness,” the representative said to the outlet. The email continues, “the deputy arrived at the location to assist and we are pleased the situation resolved peacefully.”

theGrio reached out to Mr. Carter and has yet to receive a response.

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