June 14, 2024

Folks Compare ‘LHHH’ Member Apple Watts to Joseline Hernandez After Stripper-Turned-Rapper Storyline

Apple Watts became a fan favorite this season of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” and a lot of folks are saying she reminds them of Joseline Hernandez.

Watts had a pretty rough upbringing. The reality star spoke about how she didn’t have much of a strong mother figure or father in her life. She eventually turned to the California streets for love and started stripping at a young age. She’s also admitted to being in and out of jail throughout her life, but has been trying to turn over a new leaf with her music. The temperamental mother of two said she’s been trying to break into the music industry for a while in hopes of becoming a rapper.

In the recent episode of the “LHHH” reunion, Watts turned up on her former music manager Shun Love, whom she felt wasn’t helping her progress. Love was trying to help Watts achieve her music dreams, but Watts pushed Love away because of her trust issues. Several “LHHH” viewers said Watts was the Joseline Hernandez of the “Hollywood” VH1 series due to their similar mannerisms.

Apple Watts
(photo credit: R; Apple W. and L; Joseline H./Instagram)

Hernandez, the former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress, also grew up with a similar stripper-turned-rapper background to Watts. She too grew up with absentee parents and started dancing at strip clubs when she was a child. Both women also have flaring tempers and aren’t afraid to throw hands if provoked.

Watts’ personality traits, history and music desires have people saying she’s a Hernandez “understudy.”

“Apple TURNING UP on Shun Love! She giving ME Joseline from LHHATL vibes.”

“Apple reminds me of joseline just a lil bit, don’t know how to express herself and think everyone tryna hurt her or ruin her.”

“It’s not a gif, lol. But this is joseline’s understudy, Apple Watts. She didn’t have no family like Jos.”

“Apple Watts is like the #LHHH version of Joseline.”

“COME THROUGH WITH APPLE WATTS. She’s giving me Joseline tease I love it. She a real street bitch. I can’t wait to see how she elevates into the music.”

“Joseline was a stripper turned reality tv star to now scrippted TV. If Apple plays her cards right can she glow up too.”

Watch Watts turn up on the “LHHH” reunion:

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I have no beef with @shunlove @amberdiamond_ Regardless of what u see on tv ? At the end of the day god bless them both regardless❤️❤️ I been threw being homeless ,doing drug ,being raped ,kidnap ,fostercare, I been threw a lot Heartbroken by dudes , Feeling misunderstood and finding out a nigga that I thought was my dad played me and on national tv at that … I been alone all my life still til this day I feel alone misunderstood. So I’m greatful regardless for what she done regardless I’m greatful for her daughter @amberdiamond_ friendship I’m not here to down talk no one especially on the internet ? That’s not me, nor is my style, idk what she would say after seeing the reunion. Which I can’t control.. But idc really I’m grown and I’m say this I’m not prefect , I’m not a angel ? and I’m very mentally special in the head.. but I’m fighting my own demons and I’m sticking to that … Bless them both and bless they family period ❤️❤️❤️ thank you @loveandhiphop For a great season Thank you to my fam and supporters ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for being there threw my journey ❤️❤️❤️??and I’m sticking to myself like I always have that lesser problems.. period

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