May 29, 2024

‘Hell No’ Dr. Heavenly Trashes Mariah Huq for Not Having ‘Receipts’ During ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion

Dr. Heavenly Kimes came out swinging at this week’s taping of the “Married to Medicine” reunion, arguing co-star Mariah Huq “looked like a fool” after providing zero “receipts” to back up her allegations that Heavenly’s husband had been unfaithful.

On Friday, Dr. Heavenly posted an Instagram photo from the reunion, smiling alongside co-star and friend Quad Webb-Lunceford. The picture sent fans in to a tizzy, begging for all the juicy details for what’s expected to be another eventful reunion show.

“The truth always prevails!” Heavenly captioned the photo, followed by the hashtags #TheDevilIsALiar and #Winning.

The pic also left fans wondering if Mariah, who earlier in the season claimed she had proof that Heavenly’s husband, Damon, had cheated on her in the past, brought receipts backing up her claims.

“Damn you, I’m a fan of Mariah,” one fan wrote. “I just thought @dr_heavenly was bitter and was projecting her issues with her petty sister on Mariah, but you mean to tell me she had nooooooooo receipts? I mean nothin’?”

“Not a thing!!” Heavenly responded. “I told you she was a liar!! Many receipts were brought out on her and her hubby though. Honestly I hope they cut that part out though … I don’t want bad for her.”

“Did messy Mariah bring her receipts?” another fan asked. “With her lying ass…”

Heavenly replied: “I’m not supposed to say … but Helll no! She looked like a fool.”

The tension between Heavenly and Mariah reached a fever pitch this month after a blow up on the beach during what was supposed to be a loving couple’s retreat on the island nation of Antigua. Their husbands, Damon Kimes and Dr. Aydin Huq, were sucked into the drama, however, and almost came to blows themselves.

In a video livestream, Mariah ripped into Heavenly’s husband for trying to go toe-to-toe with her husband, who attempted to come to her defense.

“He wanna jump up and fight Ayden” Mariah says in the Nov. 4 video. “You ain’t finna mess with my boo, now. “Now, that’s what we not gon’ do. We not gon’ put Dr. Huq in it. ‘Cause Adyin ain’t do nothin’, he ain’t bother nobody. You ain’t gon’ pick on my man ’cause he’s the minority in the group … Fight your big b—- for being ugly! Fight Shrek, if you wanna fight somebody!”

Dr. Heavenly
Image courtesy of Instagram.

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