April 18, 2024

‘I Was Lonely’: Sherri Shepherd Admits That Everyone From D.L. Hughley to Barbara Walters Warned Her Not to Marry Her Ex

Sherri Shepherd chatted with D.L. Hughley Monday on “The DL Hughley Show” and talked about her 2014 divorce from screenwriter Lamar Sally.

In one part of the sit-down, Hughley said that he didn’t care for Sally when he first met him, and Shepherd said other people shared that opinion.

Sherri Shepherd said she married the man who became her ex-husband despite other people saying they didn’t like him. (Photo: TV One’s YouTube Channel)

“The first time I saw him, I swear to God, I said that’s a sorry-ass dude,” said Hughley.

“Everybody said that,” Shepherd replied. “Steve Harvey said it, Barbara Walters said it, Whoopi [Goldberg] wouldn’t come to my wedding. Everybody tried to tell me. The only person who showed up was Kym Whitley, because she got a free iPad and she was my bridesmaid. We gave away free iPads.”

To say Shepherd’s divorce was contentious would be accurate, because she and Sally fought over the custody of their child, who was delivered through surrogate.

Lamar Sally Jr. was born in August 2014, after the former couple already split, and in 2015 a judge ruled that Shepherd’s name had to remain on the birth certificate. Plus she had to continue to pay child support.

Sally then took his ex-wife to court for more child support in 2016, but his request was denied by a judge.

Elsewhere in the interview, co-host Jasmine Sanders asked Shepherd why she decided to marry Sally after so many people warned her about him.

“I was in New York doing ‘The View” and I was lonely. That’s what it was,” she revealed. “You can’t do stuff out of fear and being lonely. All of the women of ‘The View’ were amazing, but they had lives. Whoopi would go home and eat her brownies, she was gone for the night.”

“Then Elisabeth Hasselbeck had her family and Joy [Behar] had hers, so I was out there by myself,” added Shepherd. “I didn’t have custody of Jeffrey, I’m fighting for custody of Jeffrey, and Niecy Nash introduced me to this person.”

And because of that introduction and eventual split, Shepherd and the “Claws” star had a falling out, but they’ve since patched things up.

“We had a big blowout. We did,” Shepherd recalled. “I said, ‘Niecy, I will never go out with anybody you introduce me to.’ We came to a meeting of the minds yesterday, we were together, she said, ‘Would you just go out?’ I said, ‘Yeah, but I’m not going to get married to any of your recommendations.’”

Later in the discussion, Hughley chimed in and talked about Shepherd’s feeling of loneliness.

“They say never shop when you’re hungry, and you should never look for a relationship when you’re [lonely],” he stated.

“And I have to take responsibility for that,” Shepherd replied. “At the time, I was in my 40s and scared. I was like, ‘I’m getting older, who’s going to want to be in a relationship?’ It was a lot of stuff done out of fear.”

“I was also raised in the church to believe you can’t have sex before you get married, so I was horny,” she added. “The whole celibacy thing, this idea that it’s better to get married than to burn. So I got married too, because I was horny and, look, we never had sex.”

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