April 18, 2024

R. Kelly wants to hire Michael Jackson’s lawyer but needs help paying the fees

R. Kelly
R. Kelly’s time may finally be up. The singer has been charged with 11 new more serious charges of sexual misconduct. (GettyImages)

R.Kelly is allegedly seeking more financial help from an Anonymous supporter to solicit the help of a new lawyer.

The hit songwriter pled not guilty to 11 felony sexual abuse counts after he was charged by Cook County prosecutors in Chicago in May. It is being reported that he is seeking legal council from Tom Mesereau, according to TMZ.

Mesereau was the legal genius who got Michael Jackson acquitted in 2005 for his child molestation case and Robert Blake acquitted for the murder of his wife in that same year.

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Kelly is allegedly looking for someone new to represent him because he feels his current legal team attracts too much drama. TMZ recalls a time when his lawyer Steve Greenberg called Kelly’s accusers “disgruntled groupies.” However Greenberg says the news of Kelly looking for a new lawyer is “A complete load of crap.”

Kelly and Mesereau were said to have met on Wednesday for four hours in a federal prison in Illinois where Kelly remains in custody. But TMZ claims the singer hasn’t retained Mesereau as council just yet, because he’s broke.

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Kelly’s team is said to be reaching out to anyone that may be able to help financially to help Kelly retain Mesereau. If he is able to land Mesereau, he’ll need millions of dollars. In his New York federal case his defense will need experts in forensics, sex trafficking, private investigators and more.

But Mesereau will have his hands full with this caseload. Kelly faces charges in Illinois and New York. He was also recently hit with two counts of underage prostitution in Minnesota. This particular charge claims Kelly allegedly had a minor strip for him in a hotel room in exchange for pay in 2001. The prosecutors are claiming.

Should Kelly get a new lawyer, they will have quite the caseload in front of them. Kelly allegedly paid a minor to strip for him in his hotel room in 2001, at which point prosecutors claim there was “sexual contact” but “no intercourse” between the two.

R. Kelly continues to claim his innocence.

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