June 24, 2024

‘That Payout Was Good Huh?’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Alex Robinson Was Spotted Vacationing and Fans Think It’s from Lawsuit with Ceaser

Although “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is slated to return back next week, folks still have unanswered questions for a few “Black Ink Crew” New York cast mates.

The biggest mystery yet is Alex Robinson‘s apparent lawsuit against “Black Ink” shop owner Ceaser Emanuel. In case anyone’s unfamiliar with the matter, Robinson sought legal advice last season to file a lawsuit against Emanuel for physical, emotional and financial damages. During season 4, the tattoo artist was physically assaulted by the ‘Black Ink’ owner and his cousin Teddy Ruks during a heated altercation between the three men. The fracas supposedly left Robinson with a major back injurythat left him unable to work and financially provide for himself, his son and his girlfriend Donna Lombardi.

Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson (left) and Ceaser Emanuel (right). (Photos: @thevaginaslayer__, @ceaseremanuel/Instagram)

Emanuel initially thought Robinson and his girlfriend Lombardi were lying about the tattoo artist’s injuries until he hired a private investigator. However, after following Robinson seemingly for weeks, the P.I. told “Black Ink” owner that the tattoo artist was seriously injured and wasn’t perpetrating a fraud. He apparently suffered from severe tissue damage.

Robinson and Emanuel eventually buried the hatchet, but fans are still in the dark on whether or not the tattoo artist proceeded with the lawsuit. As a matter of fact, Robinson took to his Instagram May 12 and posted a photo of himself on vacation in the Dominican Republic with his girlfriend Lombardi.

He wrote in his caption, “Niggas Call You Pu–y When You Focused & Avoiding S–t We Getting This Money For No Reason Nigga Tryin To Enjoy This S–t ??‍♂️?♉️.”

Alex Robinson.
Alex Robinson. @thevaginaslayer__,/ Instagram

Fans immediately prodded Robinson with questions, wondering if his vacation was from a settlement check from his lawsuit with Emanuel.

“Bro livin his best life? I see that b–ch ceezzzz final paid up it looks run it.”

“When that settlement check hit ?! that payout was good huh?”

“I see ya big pimping ? that’s Ceas money make his a– pay!!!”

“I love alex, and donna. I’m happy to see that he is livin his best life. I hope he sued Cease!”

During the “Black Ink” season finale, Robinson admitted he didn’t care much about the lawsuit money, he just wanted a genuine apology from Emanuel.

“All I wanted was a sincere apology from somebody I looked at as my mentor,” said Robinson. “It’s not all about money. … If this man is willing to apologize then I’m willing to accept his apology.”

Checkout Robinson and Emanuel call a truce:

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