June 14, 2024

‘We Ain’t Letting It Go’: Lee Daniels New Project Announcement Overshadowed By Fans Asking for ‘Star’ Return

It’s just been announced that Lee Daniels has developed a new TV pilot, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about “Star,” the Fox series that was recently canceled after three seasons.

Daniel’s potential new show is called “Good People,” which he wrote with actress and comedian Whitney Cummings, who will also be in the pilot. The Amazon project will star Lisa Kudrow from the ’90s sitcom “Friends” as well.

The premise of the pilot surrounds three women from different generations who work in the ombusdman’s office and deal with shifting more as the times change. There will also be a focus on how race, gender, sex, class and feminism are affected by the changing times.

Cummings and Daniels will also be executive producers of “Good People,” and Daniels will direct the pilot episode.

In fact, he shared news of the pilot Monday on Instagram but also brought up “Star,” as if he anticipated a lot of questions about it.

“The comeBack comes to me!!!!,” wrote Daniels. “So excited to have #lisakudrow aboard #goodpeople … Oh and I have not forgotten about #star.”

This prompted fans to respond.

“okay because we ain’t letting it go ?❤️.”

“Yyyeess congratulations and thanks for not forgetting about star. “

“Okay well hurry up with star updates … thanks. “

And he doubled down on that promise after someone wrote, “Soooooo, can we have star back or nah.”

“Yes,” the director responded.

A lot of fans expressed utter sadness when news of “Star” being canceled came on May 10, and the following day Daniels mentioned how hurt the cast and crew were.

“To our die hard @staronfox fans please know this was not of my doing. Our cast and crew are ?,” he wrote.

Plus, it was revealed that Daniels flew the “Star” cast to Los Angeles for a skating party after the show was canceled. He also paid for their flights and hotels out of his pocket, according to Page Six.

“Cross fingers that you see us again, and if you don’t you’ll see us in your dreams,” he said in a clip that showed the party. Queen Latifah, who was also on the show, is in the video as well.

For now, Daniels hasn’t given any other updates on “Good People” or what his exact plans for “Star” will be.

The Fox drama followed the story of three young women trying to make it in the often ruthless, always competitive music industry.

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