June 13, 2024

‘You Out of Pocket’: Michael Rapaport Slammed for Tweet About LeBron James’ Best Friend’s Commencement Speech

The actor and podcaster Michael Rapaport, who’s considered a troll by many, angered a lot of people when he dissed Maverick Carter, a businessman and media personality, who also happens to be LeBron James‘ best friend.

James and Maverick are also business partners, and Maverick co-hosts the NBA star’s HBO show “The Shop.”

Michael Rapaport (right) was blasted for dissing a commencement speech given by Maverick Carter (left photo, with LeBron James), who’s LeBron James’ best friend. (Photos: Jerritt Clark / WireImages via Getty Images, Michael Tran / FilmMagic via Getty Images)

On Friday, May 10, Maverick gave the commencement speech at the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism, where he told the graduating class to pursue their goals with passion.

“The degree gives you the freedom to gamble,” said Carter. “To take a chance, to start something, to change the world, to go chase your dream. What happens if you bet big and you fail?”

“What happens if you refuse to play it safe? What happens if you ignore everyone trying to box you in and pursue your passion,” he asked. “I can tell you. The worst thing that will happen, you will break even. The best thing that will happen, is that you will be more than. And that is my message to all of you.”

Based on the occasional screams from the crowd, it’s safe to assume many were inspired by Maverick’s words, and the social media comments confirm the same for those on the Internet.

But for some reason, Rapaport, who rubs many the wrong way with his opinions on hip-hop, sports and just about anything debatable, made light of Maverick’s speech and seemed to consider it foolishness.

“Ok GRADUATES, this year’s USC Commencement Speaker… LeBron James best friend. GTFOH,” he tweeted on May 11.

Besides being James’ friend, Maverick also runs the companies UNINTERRUPTED and SpringHill Entertainment, so people slammed Rapaport for his tweet.

“Hey f—-boy, @aherriottMavCarter is a college-educated businessman who founded a multi-million dollar agency and manages the most important athlete of this generation. You do a podcast,” someone wrote.

“Dude is wild successful. This just a hate tweet,” another person tweeted.

“You out of pocket for this,” a third person wrote.

Then on Sunday, Jimmy Spencer, the vice president of athlete relations and content at Uninterrupted, responded.

“This the same Rapaport who’s been trying to work with us?” he tweeted.

James caught wind of that tweet and responded with six laughing emojis.

Rapaport sent out a series of tweets replying to Spencer and James, with the actor bringing up James former teammate Delonte West, who was rumored to be in a relationship with his mother. “Let me explain something to you about Producing, You want a Episode of the Shop that’s not softball propaganda, get Delonte West Up in their. Flunky Ass Yes Man”

Spencer then tweeted, “Like I said, I’ll send you a hoodie. Have your agent reach back out,” which resulted in Rapaport tweeting “Send me a XXL of this joint” with a picture of James and West together.

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