May 29, 2024

Azealia Banks Says After Experiencing Racism and Being Treated Like a Prostitute, She’ll ‘Never Ever Ever’ Visit Israel Again

Azealia Banks
Azelia Banks claimed she was treated unfairly because of her skin color on several occasions during her trip to Israel. 

Rapper Azealia Banks has vowed to “never ever ever” visit Israel again after she reportedly encountered racism and poor treatment while visiting the country for a performance in Tel Aviv on Monday.

In a series of tweets about her displeasure, Banks claimed she was treated unfairly on account of her skin color and accused a rabbi seated next to her on the plane of soliciting her for sex. But her complaints didn’t stop there. The rapper, known for her provocative comments and erratic behavior, proceeded to gripe about the horrible trip, detailing her experience on the plane and at the busy airport.

“How much y’all wanna bet these racists at the airline lost my bag on purpose???,” she tweeted. ” … Why are these people like this? I don’t understand — the amount of times I’ve been purposefully coughed on, stepped on, cut in line is toooo much.”

“I need a strong drink,” she added.

Banks opined that security took “extra long” to check her bags “clearly because she was Black,” and claimed she got strange looks from people whenever she walked inside of a restaurant or a grocery store.

Her rant raged on from there and included details of her encounter with the rabbi who taught her some numerology and allegedly “asked if I’d have sex with him for money.” Banks then claimed some “old Jewish lady” berated her in front of the whole plane for trying to put her carry-on bag where the woman’s bag was.

“It was so racist, I sat in my seat and cried,” she wrote.

The experience was horrid enough for Banks to vow to never return to the largely Jewish nation.

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