July 14, 2024

‘Black Ink Crew’: Donna Puts Pride Aside and Apologizes to Alex for Her Role in His Getting Jumped: ‘I’m Sorry’

Black Ink Crew” actress Donna Lombardi finally apologized to her boyfriend Alex Robinson for her part in his suffering tattoo career.

During April 10’s episode last week, Robinson and Lombardi got into a heated argument after he blamed her as the reason he can no longer tattoo anymore.

Earlier this season, Robinson learned that he suffered from a back injury after getting jumped last season by “Black Ink” owner Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks. Doctors reportedly have told the tattoo artist that he suffered from tissue damage as a result of the fracas.

In the midst of his and Lombardi’s date last episode, Robinson blamed her for never being able to tattoo again and for being the reason Emanuel and Ruks jumped him.

Donna Lombardi
Donna Lombardi and Alex Robinson. (Photo: @vh1 @blackincrew screenshots)

“I should’ve thought through coming to ‘Black Ink’, I should’ve thought through going to the wedding, I knew it was gon’ be beef between me and Ceas,” said Robinson. “Everything was not thought through, and I’m the one who gotta deal with the repercussions. … I shouldn’t never came to ‘Black Ink’ and my back would be fine all the way 150 percent.”

“When Lombardi asked if Robinson was blaming her for his situation, he simply replied, “Yes, I’m blaming you!”

Fast-forward to the April 17 episode, and Robinson apologized to Lombardi for blaming her for his downfall. As he was apologizing, Lombardi stopped him, saying it was her fault for everything that happened to him.

“Whatever I said to make Ceas hit you, I’m sorry, “she told Robinson.

She also added in her confessional, “Looking back, I really do feel super guilty for what happened to him. I convinced him to go to that stupid wedding, all that dumb s–t happened and now he’s clearly suffering worst consequences than me. So the fact that he’s not blaming me for any that it shows me why I love this man.”

“Black Ink” viewers commended Lombardi for apologizing, saying it was “about time.”

“Damn about time she apologized ?! Donna it was your fault, but at least you womaned up about it.”

“I am glad she apologized she really loves him and always got his back. Way to go Donna!”

“It really was her fault and stupid Teddy and Ceaser but i applaud her for apologizing.”

“About time Donna? now Ceaser needs to man up and apologize to Alex.”

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