July 23, 2024

‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Trash Ceaser After He Tries to Confront Donna: ‘Ceas Is a Damn Sucka for That!’

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is catching a bad rep.

The television personality went off the rails after coming face to face with Donna Lombardi at his employee Sky Days‘ event.

The entire “Black Ink” staff took a trip to Los Angeles to support Days’ twerk-off event and to get Emanuel’s mind off the lawsuit with his former employee Alex Robinson. There’s only one problem, Days invited Lombardi, who apparently is one of Emanuel’s sworn enemies.

Last season, Emanuel and cousin Teddy Ruks jumped former “Black Ink” tattoo artist Robinson seemingly for no reason other than the fact that he was Lombardi’s boyfriend. Since Emanuel’s issue was with Lombardi but he elected not to fight her because she’s a woman, he and Ruks decided to physically assault Robinson.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel and Donna Lombardi. (Photos: @vh1 @blackinkcrew screen shots)

Fast-forward to the current season, and it seems that Robinson suffered a back injury from the incident and proceeded to sue Emanuel for damages, thanks to the help of his girlfriend and her attorney. The “Black Ink” owner initially accused Robinson and Lombardi of trying to scam him, but later satisfied himself that Robinson is truly injured.

Although Emanuel was apologetic for assaulting Robinson, he still held a grudge toward Lombardi, accusing her of initiating the fight between him, Ruks and Robinson. So when he saw her at Days’ event during the April 24 episode he completely lost it.

“Are you f–king kidding me right now, this is some next level bulls–t!” he yelled in his confessional. “Sky really crossed the line with this dumb s–t. I can be cool with Puma, but Donna the one who instigated this f–king s–t, the one who caused the fight, who caused the injury, who caused the lawsuit, man, f–k her!”

When Emanuel asked Days why Lombardi was at her affair, she insisted that he and Lombardi quash the beef, but that apparently was the furthest thing from Emanuel’s mind.

Instead he followed Lombardi outside of the building and ostensibly was heading to confront her when security came from everywhere.

“Donna’s bout to wish she never f–king met me.”

Emanuel then yelled for Lombardi to ‘”get out the car and let’s end this.” But instead of Lombardi exiting the vehicle, her boyfriend Robinson decided to and confront Emanuel head-on.

“Black Ink” viewers applauded Robinson for confronting Emanuel, but slammed the shop owner for acting as if he wanted to fight Lombardi.

“I’m loving how Alex stepped out the car. Ceaser is a sucker for stepping to Donna and what Teddy was going to do ? Jump her, sucker punch Donna. I lost respect for Ceaser and Ted ?.”

“He saying ‘let’s end this’ like he really about to sit up and fight Donna… a whole FEMALE!! And idek why Cesar think he so bad and untouchable all of sudden he can’t even fight like that imo. Cesar really a ? ? ?.”

“He was telling Donna to get out the car. Y’all allow him to try to fight a women…PURPOSELY. Y’all tripping. Alex did the right thing getting out of the car.”

“Ceaser will blame everyone but HIMSELF and Alex is a real one? for confronting him. I don’t think Ceas was gonna touch Donna but damn he ain’t have to go after like that!”

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