February 24, 2024

‘Black Ink Crew’ Viewers Are Laughing Tears After Ceaser Roasts Donna’s ‘Fake’ Booty

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel had fans cracking up after clowning his employee Donna Lombardi moments before they get into a heated argument.

Things came to a head last night after Emanuel seemingly fired Lombardi. The “Black Ink” owner was feeling some type of way towards Lombardi after she tried to fight the receptionist Tokie and refused to work with the newcomer. Lombardi also appeared to be unsympathetic towards Tokie after the receptionist revealed that she was sexually assaulted.

“Well I’m sympathetic to the story but I still don’t wanna work with that girl,” Lombardi said in reference to Tokie. “I feel like she’s a danger to the shop.”

Ceaser Emanuel
(Vh1 screenshot)

Emanuel dismissed Lombardi’s feelings about the new hire and told her that Tokie wasn’t going anywhere.

The 39-year-old confided to his right-hand man and cousin Teddy Ruks about the incident and before fans knew it, the co-stars began flaming Lombardi’s overall appearance.

“How she get her ass done before her bottom tooth,” Emanuel cracked on Lombardi.

“Black Ink” fans were stitches over Emanuel’s comments and said the boss man and his cousin were straight “savages”.

“YOOOOOOOOO!!!! Lmbooooooooooooooo at Teddy & Ceaser talking about Donna getting her butt done before getting a bottom tooth. ?.”

“I am DYING!!! Cease and Ted are roasting Donna for getting her ass done before she fixed her teeth!!! Savages!!! ??

“@CeaserBlackInk said Donna mind ain’t right because she got her ass done before her bottom teeth lmao ?.”

“Donna really got her ass done before her teeth?! Chileeeee ?.”

“Exactly!!!!!! Omg i been saying this fix your teeth donna ?.”

“I’m not an expert on the topic but I’m pretty sure a tooth is cheaper than a new ass ??. Why Donna why?”

Emanuel and Lombardi later went toe-to-toe after the tattoo artist gave him an ultimatum to either keep her at the shop or to fire Tokie. Emanuel bossed up and told Lombardi that he chooses Tokie.

Watch the explosive episode below:

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