July 18, 2024

‘Black Ink’s Sky Receives Apology from Son Genesis for His Past Erratic Behavior, Leaving Her in Tears

Black Ink Crew” fans were overwhelmed with emotion after watching Sky Days‘ heart-to-heart conversation with her eldest son Genesis.

Days and son left on rocky terms last season after almost coming to blows twice, which left the 34-year-old mother completely heartbroken. However, she and her youngest son Des established a solid relationship and kept in contact with one another even after the show season ended.

During last night’s episode, Des took it upon himself to talk to his big bro’ Genesis in hopes of he and Days finally reconnecting. Genesis expressed to his little brother that he didn’t understand how their mom who gave them up for adoption when she was a teen, went “so long without a phone call, without a happy birthday or just a check-up.”

“It’s like an emptiness,” Genesis told Des. “You just growing up as a kid you don’t know why you so mad [or why] you mad at the world for no reason.”

Sky Days and Her son have heart to heart
(photo credit: Vh1 screenshot)

Genesis said he’s not so much mad at Days, but more so disappointed by her actions. He goes on to tell Des that he’d be willing to meet with Days in order to move forward from their last contentious scene and begin building a relationship for once and all.

Days was in for an emotional awakening after Genesis walked into the tattoo shop and couldn’t help but break down in tears. Genesis pulled his mom outside explained why he rebelled against her so much last season.

“I don’t wanna argue, I don’t wanna fight with you, I just wanna talk to you,” Genesis said to Days. “Fifteen years is too long,, [and] I’m tired of all the bulls**t and arguing. … I f**ked up, and I don’t wanna waste no more time. I wasn’t even mad, I was just disappointed and now it’s time to move on past the bulls**t and I know you my momma and I love you for real.”

Days and Genesis hugged it out as the 34-year-old cried tears of joy.

“Black Ink” viewers and fans lit Twitter up with heartfelt tweets and said Days reconciling with her son left them halfway in tears.

“Black ink crew went off & im still in here crying about sky & her son making up ? I need a 24 hour therapist ?.”

“Last night episode of black ink was probably the best episode they had when sky & her son hugged I cried so bad ❤️.”

“I’m watching black ink crying harder than sky im so happy for her ?.”

“Sky reconciling with her son in Black ink crew has me crying rn ??.”

Other fans are still on the fence about Genesis and believe he only made up with Days because he saw Des shining and he wanted in on the money and TV fame, too.

“Genesis just tryna get that bag ?.”

“Genis saw Dez gettin money n wntd sum too.”

“He heard dea got a dodge lmao?.”

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