May 29, 2024

BlackBerry Storm 2 Review

Since the news is out that there might be a new version of blackberry storm; speculation is quite rife in the market of the mobile phones. The BlackBerry enthusiasts can’t just wait for the official announcement of the device, which is expected to be named as BlackBerry Storm 2. Though nothing is confirmed, but as far as the news goes, the model number of Storm 2 will be 9550. A particular website released a video footage about the device and from that it appears to be quite interesting.

The first thing that comes into mind after the announcement of such an interesting phone is – “what are the specifications?” As there is no official announcement of the phone, the specification that it will feature is not known completely. According to a news, Storm 2 is expected to feature Wi Fi connectivity and hence the device will be much faster compared to the earlier versions. The camera that Storm 2 is supposed to include is 3.2 mega pixels that will provide nice clarity and quality of images. Network supported by the device would be quad band GSM network along with EDGE and single band UMTS with HSDPA (2100MHz only). The operating system of BlackBerry Storm 2 might be OS 5.0 or 5.1.

Storm 2 is expected to arrive with 360 × 480 resolution capacitive screen. The screen will remain fixed when the phone is off, but it will soon resume to normal mode after switching on the phone. Blackberry storm’s earlier version has a major drawback, which is a big gap between the frame and the display. Due to this factor, that area gets surrounded by dust and particles. The design of BlackBerry Storm 2 will not be featuring this gap and hence it would appear much cleaner than the original blackberry-storm.

Those who are yet to see the original storm, here are few aspects about the phone for them. The designing of the phone is done in such a manner that when the user presses a button, the display screen gets pressed down providing a real time experience. Like this there are several highlights of the phone. However, some of the limitations of the original Storm are plump body, uninspiring camera, instability of software, and no Wi Fi. Whether the other features will be included in BlackBerry Storm 2 or not is uncertain, but it will definitely feature Wi Fi.

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