March 4, 2024

Chicago PD ransack home of 81-year-old woman; discover they have wrong house

Chicago Police
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chicago police raided and ransacked the home of  81-year-old Hardies Clayton, only to discover they had the wrong house, CBS local news reported.

Ruthie Burke, her daughter notes that her mother who has a pacemaker and walks with a cane could’ve had a heart attack after cops busted down the front door of the home and pointed guns at her.

The traumatizing moment went down just after 11 p.m. Thursday when Clayton says police smashed in the front door in search of a convicted sex offender.

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“I heard a big ‘bam’ at the door,” she said. “When I got up and got to the step to come down, they were upstairs, had their guns drawn and were telling me to put my hands up.”

She says police put her son in handcuffs then proceeded to trash her house.

“I got four bedrooms upstairs, and they tore up the bedrooms,” Clayton said.

She was shown a warrant for a bald 36-year-old man with a different last name from her 42-year-old son who has a full head of hair, the report states. Her son informed police that they were going on misinformation; wrong house, wrong date of birth and most especially… the wrong guy, but the cops continued to ransack Clayton’s home of 46 years.

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Burke, her oldest child, is outraged by the incident and demands that police “Make sure it’s the right person at the house before you tear up their house and break their door in.”

She added: “My mom is a senior. She’s on a fixed income. She can’t afford to repair all this.

“She could’ve fell out and had a heart attack,” Burke said. “Anything could have happened.”

In a statement, CPD Sergeant Cindy Guerra said:

This search warrant was vetted through the State’s Attorney Office with the oversight of a judge’s order. The location of the search warrant was correct. However, the target identified by the confidential informant was not.”

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