June 14, 2024

Clinton: ‘People say we have an arrangement. Yeah, it’s called a marriage’

Clinton: People say we have an arrangement. Yeah, its called a marriage news 1x1.trans

During an appearance on The View on Wednesday in which Hillary Clinton spoke on her new book, What Happened, which examines the 2016 election and the factors leading up to her historic presidential loss, Clinton also spoke about her marriage to former president Bill Clinton.

Host Sunny Hostin asked Clinton about her marriage, which was covered in her book, saying, “The Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values. However, many Republicans have been very critical of you staying in your marriage, they say that it is a marriage of political convenience. What is your response? Why did you stay in your marriage?”

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“People say, ‘Oh, they have an arrangement.’ Yeah, it’s called a marriage,” Clinton replied. “There have been a lot more happy days than sad or angry says. And I am very proud and grateful that I am married to my best friend, that he has been my biggest source of encouragement and support over all the years—many more than some of you have been alive—that we have been together.”

Clinton also defended herself against the accusation that her book focuses too much on the past and on an election that is now over instead of moving forward.

She insisted that the topics covered in the book were still relevant today, such as “Russia, suppression of voters, particularly African-American and young voters, and sexism and misogyny, which are endemic in our system, and we ought to start talking about it.”

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