July 23, 2024

CNN panelists April Ryan and Angela Rye dance their way into making #SquadCNN a trending topic

Check out CNN political panelists April Ryan and Angela Rye do a dance off mocking fellow panelists Andrew Gillum and Bakari Sellers between segments of their appearance on CNN’s morning show, “New Day. (Getty images)

News broke last week that CNN is reportedly thinking about a new political show featuring an all-Black panel with four of the most trusted (and controversial) voices on cable news.

The rumor, first reported by Page Six, stated that the network is eyeing April Ryan, Andrew Gillum, Angela Rye, and Bakari Sellers to lead the show. The foursome first appeared on CNN’s morning show, “New Day with Alisyn Camerota and John Berman” to strong responses on social media during the Democratic debates.

The fabulous foursome was back at it again on Tuesday keeping it real while delivering intuitive remarks about the Trump administration’s new immigration rule, Democrats attacking the media and the great debate between plastic vs. paper straws. What makes these four so enticing to viewers is the chance to also see what they’re really like behind the scenes.

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In one video posted on Ryan’s IG, you can see them cutting loose in between segments in the CNN break room. Calling themselves, #SquadCNN, Rye and Ryan dip-it-low with a good-old shoulder shake making fun of fellow panelist and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Gillum, who in turn, playfully calls them both “clowns.”

“Right before day becomes the most intelligent, brilliant political analyst, journalist, sophis-ratchet over here,” says Gillum as Rye agrees bouncing to the music playing along.

The post ends with Gillum doing a plug for their appearance on CNN at the 8 a.m. hour

The second IG post features Ryan and Sellers offering what is supposed to be a tribute to Gospel great Marvin Sapp, singing his hit song, “Never Would Have Made It.” The problem is we’re not too sure how appreciative Sapp would have been with this particular rendition. No shade, but perhaps the #SquadCNN (which ended up trending on Twitter after these videos) should keep their day jobs.

CNN has yet to confirm if a show featuring all four talking heads is actually in the works. For now, we’ll just have to enjoy their occasional appearances and behind-the-scenes hijinks.

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