February 24, 2024

Don Lemon brilliantly responds to Trump’s attack against #TakeAKnee

Don Lemon brilliantly responds to Trumps attack against #TakeAKnee news 1x1.trans


On Monday, Don Lemon brilliantly shut down Donald Trump’s attack against the #TakeAKnee protests in the NFL.

“Taking a knee at an NFL game was never about the flag or the military,” Lemon told his viewers. “That’s what the president wants you to believe. It gives his insulting ‘sons of bitches‘ comment cover. A comment that not only insults hardworking professional men, but tries to drag their mothers down to his level, as well. Taking a knee is a constitutionally protected expression. It falls within league rules. Period. If anyone actually believes this is about the flag, then you must believe Rosa Parks‘ protest was about a bus.”

— 97-year-old WWII vet takes a knee in solidarity with NFL players’ protests — 

Lemon played a clip of Colin Kaepernick lamenting the way people were mischaracterizing his protests and said that this was exactly what was happening with Trump.

“Here’s what this is about,” Lemon said. “It’s about focusing attention on racial injustice. It’s about challenging our country to extend the promise of that flag to all citizens, including the citizens whose ancestors were slaves. You may not agree with Colin Kaepernick or the scores of players who take a knee or took a knee this weekend, and that is OK. You don’t have to agree with them. But that’s not really the point here. No American gets to tell another American how to express their love for this country.”

Lemon concluded with a lesson on what patriotism really means: “What matters is what’s in your heart, and that is the American way.”

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