July 18, 2024

Embattled ex-South African Jacob Zuma pleads his case on Twitter

Jacob Zuma
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Several months after former South African president Jacob Zuma resigned after pressure from his party and amid a scandal, he has resurfaced on Twitter fighting to clear his name, the Associate Press reports.

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In a video posted on Sunday, Zuma said he has asked his attorneys to file an appeal in regards to a court ruling that said he must repay monies to the state he used to defend against corruption allegations in the past decade, the outlet reports.

“As well as be consistent with regards to judgments that have been taken before about the same cases. You can’t have them contradicting each other. I just thought I should make those comments,” 76-year-old Zuma said.

“Some of whom killed my comrades, they were charged and there were quite a number of them. The state paid for their cases, not just small amounts, very huge amounts, paid by this very democratic state.”

South Africa’s ruling party demanded that the scandal-tainted President leave office.

Zuma came under fire for seeming to give Cabinet positions and other preferential treatment to a powerful business family, the Guptas, who did business with his son.

Zuma called the court ruling contradictory. His appearance could be in preparation for a run for a seat in parliament after elections in 2019, that his supporters are encouraging him to go for, the AP reports.

South Africa named a new president Cyril Ramaphosa in February. He will have to fight against Zuma’s corruption legacy and prove to voters that his party can and will do better in order to keep political control.

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Zuma has been blamed for bringing down the country’s image. Many believe the party’s popularity has waned because of him as well.

“We are owning up to this particular matter,” party spokesman Dakota Legoete said on state broadcaster SABC. The organization is reportedly struggling with financial and management problems that stemmed from Zuma’s tenure.

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