July 23, 2024

Entertainment Carpcs

# Interactive Gestures control operation
Decreases the risk of accident when operatating the PC. It also supports button commands, and on screen keyboard.

# GPS Navigation for road and 4×4 trips
NISU PC have door to door, voice and visual navigation instructions, and moving map features are available for offroad trips.

# Phone Calls, Hands Free
Advanced calling features, caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, etc. they’re built into NISU PC. Hands free with echo cancellation and noise reduction is available for safety driving.

# Night Driving and parking facilities
InfraRed lighting & front camera increases safety while night driving. Up to 500mt of vision under the darknesst environment. A rear camera is available for parking.

# Makes your trip more enterteinig
Stores and play over 20,000 high quality recorded (256Kbps) MP3 songs, or listen to your favorite FM station, or Internet radio *

# Automatic Power On/Off
PC turns on and shut down when car power on and off.

# HD Movies: Movies and video clips stored in hd drive can be played during travels.

# DVD/VCD Movies: DVD’s and most video formats, from VCD, DIVX to DVD video.

# Internet Browsing: Internet Browsing * capability is included as a standard feature.

# Digital TV, Digital Radio, Internet TV & Radio: With a built-in digital TV receiver.

# Media Support: NISU PC’s hosts virtually all digital media players on the market. MP3, WMV, WAV and PCM formats are supported. The design of interface is unique within all car PCs on the market.

# Games collection: Plenty of freeware games included at no charge, will make your childs to enjoy while on the road.

# Windows Programs: Windows applications are standard. The keyboard, 3D mouse, digital screen, Windows XP, and applications software are bundle it all into the Onboard PC.

# The NISU S160 is small, but it has plenty of power. It’s Intel Core Duo Processor runs both cores at 1.66Ghz. with 2Mb cache. The 677 MHz FSB, DDR2 667MHz memory, and SATA hard disk drive exced power for any simultaneously running tasks.

# It’s 5.1 (7.1 optional) channel Audio system can manage 2 audio streams, that can be redirected independently to the front speakers for driver instructions and to the rear speakers for passengers watching video, listening music, etc., creating 2 independent zones

# Connectivity and transferring between digital devices and the S160 it’s simple USB 2.0, SATA II, RS232 and more, able to link as many devices as you will need in the future.

If you look today in the consumer electronics equipment of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen is one particularly in the small car segment is up to the last detail perfected Einsparwut set, with negative repercussions on the entire vehicle experience. Also present are often only covers the first sight – or so it hoped the savings – remain undiscovered, but also multimedia virtually all renowned automotive manufacturers are lagging up high in the upper class of the current development of the “Mobile Entertainment” afterwards.

MP3 radio stations you get now, although often in the series, but who wants to constantly switch CDs long drives / media, or who has sent the media often sparse monochrome display on the overview of his base still often limited to a maximum of 700MB Media Library? But not only audiophile, today’s drivers without even the full cargo Entertainment, is also part of the navigation is not a true All-In-One solution, unless one is willing to stick to a PDA with a suction cup to the front window – the Aesthetics is here again on the track.

VW seems to slowly accept only wish that all the young drivers generation electronic goodies now before the level of buying the points is almost, and thus Group responded the first time a study on the VW Eos convertible, where a true CarPC multimedia entertainment completely takes over.
To future buyers the option “CarPC” however, the first time in series tick in the “configurator” when buying a Volkswagen, it will certainly take another five to eight years. Reason enough for us, a separate study on its feet set and a polo FUN of so predestined will for the joyous task, with a CarPC equip not only multi-media exceeds the absolute top class facilities, but also by the connectivity of achieving top achieved.

Revosys Inc. is a United States based manufacturer.Please contact us directly for distributor and re-seller opportunities for Entertainment CarPCs and Taxi Kiosk Advertising Systems. For more info visit revo-sys.com.

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